100 Libyan Refugees Feared Dead

Ismail Zitouny/Reuters
Ismail Zitouny/Reuters

A boat carrying refugees from Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Sudan, capsized east of Tripoli. 16 survivors were rescued by the Libyan coast guard, but over 100 are presumed dead from the disaster.

An explosion on board caused the motor to catch fire, which caused the ship to go down. The Mediterranean Sea already involves a perilous journey, people desperate to leave war-torn Libya are resorting to overcrowded and underserviced boats for their journey.

Libya currently suffers from slave trading, double-digit inflation, and gang warfare vying for control after the collapse of their government in the wake of the 2011 NATO intervention. Canada’s war crimes are having residual casualties, as every party with an elected official, excluding the Green Party’s Elizabeth May, voted to support the War in Libya.

The UK commissioned a parliamentary report that not only determined the stated justification for the war was incorrect, but it was known by international intelligence communities at the time to be false.

Libya transitioned from a Middle Eastern country with one of the highest standards of living and women’s rights, to a country dominated by misogynist terrorists, engaging in slave trade, after the torture of killing of their leader, Colonel Gaddafi.

“I saw people burn,” Amri Swileh, a Yemeni migrant, told the AFP. “I lost all of my Yemeni friends who were with me, all five of them are missing.”

Among the missing are two babies, and several children under the age of twelve.

Refugees were hoping to arrive in Italy, amid the EU’s agreement to host migrants in a more distributed manner across Europe. Both France and Austria have declined participation.

As the post-war horrors continue to ravage Libya, libertarians are concerned that the lesson has not yet been learned. Good intentions don’t excuse malicious actions. Gaddafi’s injustices didn’t warrant far greater injustices wrought upon the people of Libya. As for now, the atrocities in Libya will continue while those that brought violence to Libya will not face justice.

Featured image: Ismail Zitouny/Reuters

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Brandon Kirby

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