How Mikhail Gorbachev Made Me Pro-Trump



Trump is not a libertarian. Almost every position he holds (all of which are vague) lacks any foundation in classical liberalism. This is the point where you hear many libertarians and even conservatives label him a fascist, and declare support of his candidacy as treason to small government ideology. That’s not what you are going to hear here. As a classical liberal, I support Donald Trump for the presidency of the United States 100 percent because he (in the words of Miley Cyrus) “came in like a wrecking ball” and would in all likelihood continue to demolish the political establishment that encapsulates D.C. if 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. became his newest piece of real estate.

Lew Rockwell, former chief of staff to Ron Paul, recently summed it up the best when he said, “To me, being pro-Trump at this point is like being pro-Gorbachev in the late 80s. For much the same reasons.”

The reason? Destruction. Ironically Trump and Gorbachev in their support of walls have made them collapse faster than ever. Gorbachev unintentionally destroyed a real one in Berlin; Trump’s are more figurative, but no less important. Trump has definitively, as of this Super Tuesday, crushed the media and RNC establishment’s power in the coronation of candidates. The media’s and establishment’s infinite wisdom gave us the likes of McCain and Romney, who, if either had been successful in their endeavor, would have molded themselves to the corrupt insider lifestyle of Washington faster than Chris Christie can eat a doughnut or Ben Carson can fall asleep. Nothing would have changed, just as nothing has changed under President Obama. America would be as it still is: a declining nation that continues to rack up trillions of dollars in debt.

So in not supporting Trump, you are supporting that same old status quo that we all equally hate. Yet supporting Trump is supporting change. Yes, Trump will be in power to implement policy that is anti-liberty (but so would every other candidate). Yet Trump offers something more, the complete destruction of the power of the Washington political establishment. He has destroyed the Republican Party as we have known it for over half a century in the matter of half a year. Just imagine what he would do as President. In the short-term, there could be bad policy, but in the long-term, after four to eight years, he’d leave the Washington Machine in shambles, waiting for something new to take its place.

There is no guarantee that what will take its place will be a system that allows for small government on the basis of natural rights to flourish. Likely there will be many competing factions to fill the void and we will have to fight to win. Yet under the current system we don’t even have that chance to fight and win, as can be seen by four failed Paul family campaigns.

Some of you may believe I’m over estimating the power of change and destruction that a Trump presidency could bring upon us. To that I say you must only look to history. Trump has often been compared in recent months to Andrew Jackson. The man who in two terms destroyed the established system of early federal republican politics, and in turn allowed for the formation of many aspects of modern American politics. Trump could be that next wrecking ball America needs. It’s simply our job to swoop in after and be the Phoenix that rises from the ashes and actually makes America great again.

“All I wanted was to break your walls / All you ever did was wreck me.” -M. Cyrus

Dear GOP and Washington, you helped wreck me and so many others, so now hear comes the wrecking ball to break your walls.

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Bric Butler