3 Reasons Why Joe Biden Is A Terrible Choice (and Why Trump Isn’t Worse)

Joe Biden
Vice President Joe Biden presents congratulates Officer Reeshemah Taylor of the Osceola County Corrections Department after presenting her with the Medal of Valor, during a Medal of Valor ceremony with Attorney General Eric Holder, in the South Court Auditorium at the White House, Feb., 20, 2013. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

I don’t like Joe Biden. I don’t believe there are that many candidates for President of the United States who compare with his utter lack of conscience or ethics.

The common retort for a historical lack of ethics is that there were presidential candidates, and presidents themselves, who openly engaged in slave-trading.

With that, I’ll begin with a list of reasons as to why I don’t like the former Vice President:

1. His administration partnered with slave-traders

A UK parliamentary report and WikiLeaks exposed both the dishonesty and the awareness of who NATO’s allies were in Libya. Despite Hillary Clinton’s protestations to the contrary, it was known in advance that our partners in toppling Gaddafi were human trafficking terrorists and it was also known at the time that the stated motivations were untrue.

After Gaddafi was toppled, slave-trading terrorist gangs took over Libya. A slave can now be purchased in Libya for $400.

2. He helped instigate the civil war in Syria

NATO funded rebels in Syria who later turned out to be anything but freedom fighters. Instead, they’re affiliates of Al Qaeda.

This war went on to cost the lives of half a million Syrians, and displace millions more. It also slowed the war against ISIS, as their greatest opponent was Assad.

3. Perhaps the most egregious: His administration provided logistical support for the genocidal war campaign in North Yemen

Saudi Arabia began a questionable but tolerable war to reinstall Yemen’s government that was overthrown in a civil war. However, the war turned genocidal.

Despite the Saudis making every effort to exterminate the Zaidi Muslim population of North Yemen, Joe Biden and the Obama administration gave logistical and military support to Saudi Arabia.

Biden is a genocidal war criminal who should be put on trial, not be running for president.

Is Trump worse?

There’s not a single human being with a shred of decency that actively wants Joe Biden to become president. However, some people I’ve encountered make the retort: At least he’s not Donald Trump. Although it is true Donald Trump has done some despicable things (he’s even guilty of the third rationale that I gave above), the usual grievances aren’t nearly as horrendous as Joe Biden’s behaviour on that same list of grievances.

Consider the usual list:

1. Trump has locked children in cages

He has, and it’s indefensible. The origin of the program locking children in cages is rooted in Biden’s administration. Both he and Obama deported more people and separated more families than any administration in the history of the United States, even more than the current administration.

Over two million people were deported altogether.

2. Trump jocularly bragged about assaulting women in the Hollywood Access tapes

This goes well beyond the lockerroom talk I’m familiar with. However, there’s actual video footage of multiple occasions showing Joe Biden groping women. Horrifyingly, some of the people were children, visibly uncomfortable with him, and trying to maneuver away.

3. Trump’s deficits are reckless with America’s finances

This is true, and although America currently lives in an unsustainable situation, Trump’s deficits are on par with the deficits of the Obama/Biden administration.

4. Trump is terrible for the environment

The largest fossil fuel boom in the history of the United States came under the Obama/Biden administration. Although this had nothing to do with Biden, it had more to do with the rising price of oil. He did very little to curb it.

Joe Biden isn’t an environmentalist.

5. Trump was corrupt in his dealings with Ukraine

His dealings with Ukraine were in direct relation to Joe Biden’s corruption with Ukraine. In further instances of corruption, Biden’s gaining the victory to become the frontrunner for the Democratic Party was worse than the 2016 corruption that anointed Hillary Clinton. In 2020 they didn’t bother to even hide their discarding of Tulsi Gabbard.

6. Trump favours the wealthy

The wealth gap under the Obama/Biden administration reached unprecedented heights. Much of this had to do with their reliance on quantitative easing, which favours the rich and hopes for a trickle-down effect.

Trump’s economic growth was focused on corporate tax cuts and deregulation, and resulted in the bottom third of wage earners seeing higher percentages of growth than the top third. However, with the latest round of quantitative easing to combat COVID-19, we could see a significant reversal of these trends.

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Brandon Kirby

Brandon Kirby has a philosophy degree from the University of New Brunswick and is a current MBA candidate finishing his thesis. He is an AML officer specializing in hedge funds in the Cayman Islands, owns a real estate company in Canada, and has been in the financial industry since 2004. He is the director of Being Libertarian - Canada and the president of the Libertarian Party of Canada.

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