5 Hidden-in-Plain-Sight Truths About Trump Supporters


The Future of Free Speech and Democracy in America

The relationship between Donald Trump and popular culture is one that seems to defy gravity. The insults and accusations keep increasing in severity, but his popularity only increases in lockstep.

“Trump is a part of the war on women.”

He keeps rising in the polls.

“Trump is a racist.”

He keeps rising in the polls.

“Trump is a Hitler-esque authoritarian.”

He keeps rising in the polls.

“Trump has small hands and his ancestor’s last name was Drumpf.”

He keeps rising in the polls.

If almost no one with any meaningful influence or mainstream conformity has said anything remotely positive about Donald Trump, and seemingly everyone with any meaningful influence or mainstream conformity thinks he’s a racist, sexist, authoritarian with small hands, then who is it that’s voting for him? Who could possibly be voting for a racist, sexist, authoritarian whose ancestors were born into the name Drumpf?

Living in New York, I don’t think I know anyone who will publicly admit to voting for Trump.

But clearly many people do support him.

1. They are calling into question our assumptions about democracy and free speech.

To keen observers, the meteoric rise of Donald Trump is putting our most deeply held assumptions about free speech and democracy at center stage.

In a democracy, the majority rules.

Well, right now, the majority is on the brink of voting in a racist, sexist, authoritarian that used to have the last name Drumpf.  

In a democracy, the president is a reflection of the population that voted him in. So who are these “people” (if we can even call them that)? What are the implications of a large portion of our country’s population supporting such a man? A racist, sexist, Hitler-esque authoritarian with small hands.

2. They don’t respond to reason and evidence – just like most of the population.

“Trump says and does whatever he needs to do in order to get the results he wants” – Scott Adams

Some presidential candidates try reasoning with people. Making arguments based on facts and data. Those candidates don’t last long.

Trump knows humans are mostly irrational. He knows that they make decisions based on emotion.

Trump supporters may not even care that he doesn’t seem to be concerned with morality or even rationality.

3. They are angry – and they may have reason to be.


Source: ZeroHedge

According to The Washington Post, Trump supporters are more likely to say they are struggling economically and a majority of Trump supporters – 54 % – believe the bigger problem is whites are losing out.

Why are they so unhappy? Are they so privileged that they just keep wanting more? Are they afraid that a female president would strip their power away? Or are there problems facing the demographic that provide real reasons to be frustrated?

While their support of Trump, of course, means they are necessarily authoritarian lunatics, a closer look at the data shows there may actually have some reason to feel disadvantaged.

Student loan debt has hit a grand total of 1.2 trillion dollars in the United States, an increase of about 84 percent since 2008. Meanwhile, even after accounting for inflation, the cost of college tuition has increased by 275% between 1970 and 2013, yet the median net worth of young households that do not have student loan debt is 7x higher than the median net worth of young households that do have student loan debt.

Total welfare spending has reached close to $1 trillion, yet the labor force participation rate is down to about 63% and income has gone down versus inflation over the past 40 years.

Three-quarters of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, with 27% having no savings at all and 50% having saved less than three-months worth of expenses.

51% of Americans are on unemployment or other government handouts, while national debt is at about $18 trillion.

4. There are A LOT of them.

Donald Trump has won 736 delegates, and is polling far higher than his Republican competitors. Months out from the election, his probability of becoming president and his estimated probability of winning the nomination has been as high as 75%, giving him a very real chance of becoming the President of the United States.

While they may not be representative of the mainstream media (or influenced by the mainstream media), Trump supporters are out there voting and they are a plenty.

5. They have control over your life.

Democracy means the majority rules. What the majority votes for affects your life and the life of your (future) children.

The candidate that is voted into power funds their services through taxation. Taxation is (theft) the forced extraction of property from individuals to the government. If you do not comply, you are put in jail (where you have a very high probability of being raped) or the money is simply stolen from you.

Not only does the government have the power to take from you, they can take money from your unborn children through money printing and debt financing (that will need to be paid off by future tax livestock).


Like what Trump has said or not, he is saying what he needs to say to get elected. This is a man who is accustomed to adapting to people’s needs, having started several successful businesses.

Donald Trump’s popularity is a reflection of the people in this country. If you hate Trump and his supporters you hate a large percentage of the population of this country. Which is fine, but to also want that population to have control over your personal and professional life does not follow.

Democracy seems to be a belief that we hold closer than religion. However, Trump’s potential to become president raises serious questions about our faith in free speech and democracy. Many have shown their true position on free speech by rioting and even attempting to attack Trump.

This is a watershed moment for political philosophy. I hope these wild times can lead us to thinking about the larger issues at hand.

This post was written by Mike Fishbein.

The views expressed here belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect our views and opinions.

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Mike Fishbein

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