82% Considering Voting For Libertarian Jo Jorgensen, According to MSNBC Poll


As of Tuesday night, 82% of 28,000 respondents reported that they are considering voting for Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen. This demonstrates that many are not satisfied with the options from the two major parties, and that what once seemed a giveaway now has some hope.

The Libertarian ticket seemed to mostly be for maintaining this election cycle, but with continued dislike of incumbent Donald Trump and the multiple gaffs by Democratic nominee Joe Biden, a third party candidate could make a considerable dent this year. Incumbent presidents tend to win their reelections, only 10 presidents being the exception, but Trump has steadily maintained a disapproval rating of over 50%, and Biden has consistently had unfavorable ratings.

Hopefully, this early success marks the beginning of continued consideration for the Libertarian ticket.

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Luke Henderson

Since joining the Libertarian Party in 2016, Luke Henderson has been active in the liberty movement through journalism and political activism. Luke is an educator, composer of fine art and electronic music, and also contributes to Think Liberty, Antiwar.com and the Libertarian Coalition.


  1. Libertarian Poll Data on Facebook, the voice of the founders and leaders of world Libertarianism, have called this a ‘fun poll’ and beauty contest because it doesn’t meet science standards. It’s nice, but also keep in mind it’s been open since 2016…

  2. I agree. Sad to see something so misleading shared by Libertarians. It’s just an old poll between Hillary and Trump that was swamped by Jo supporters to show the results. Keep it real!

  3. Hello, if you guys doesn’t want to be like democrats and republicans, please don’t lie. I’m looking for honest people to vote for. I’m not looking for the trash we already have in our government. Make a difference.

    • I voted in this poll, so what exactly are you talking about? Get your fact together so you don’t post irresponsibly!

  4. Jo Jorgensen helped double the membership of the Libertarian Party when she ran in 1996 as VP candidate of the LP. She could win this year drawing from both major parties and from independents. It will be crucial for Jorgensen to be included in the three presidential debates. Both major parties have excluded third party candidates from debates but if someone is on sufficient number of ballots to theoretically win in the Electoral College, most people think that should make them eligible for entry in the debates not the arbitrary 15% in selected polls demanded by the GOP and Dems.
    Jorgensen is articulate, educated, knowledgeable and motivated as a proponent of libertarian solutions to the problems facing our country. She should and could win this election and that would spare us the outcome of the failed policies of either major party which have brought us to this condition of failed public schools, failed public trade policies and foreign entanglements, exorbitant spending programs and giveaways with unsustainable national debt and destruction of the dollar.
    GOP and Dems pay lip service to the Constitution but ignore it whereas Jorgensen will restore the limits the Founders granted and enumerated in order to restrain government and assure individual freedom which enabled the country to prosper with abolition of slavery.

  5. Fun Fact… you can vote in that poll multiple times and it’s not limited to geography either. Honestly this is about as reliable as a FB or Twitter poll. I purposely artificially inflated Jo’s numbers just to see if I could do it.. wasn’t hard at all. Really sad that an online poll is being taken seriously.


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