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The REAL Case for Donald Trump

Recently, BeingLibertarian.com shared a website entitled “The Case for Donald Trump,” which you can find here: http://thecasefortrump.com/ Spoiler alert: the punchline is “there isn’t one.”  Now, I...
Justin Amash Rand Paul

Amash vs Paul: Who’s Right About Trump? – Outside the Bubble

"Justin Amash made waves this week by becoming the first Republican in Congress to call for the impeachment of Donald Trump. He did not find alliance, however, with Rand Paul, one of his closest friends in Congress, who disagreed with him on the issue of impeachment. Paul claimed the Mueller report itself was unconstitutional, or at least in violation of constitutional principle," writes Andrew Bartholomew in this edition of Outside the Bubble.

Amash Is Probably Right About Trump, But Who Cares? – Opting Out

"At the end of the day, we’re still being ruled by a bunch of crooks," writes James Smith in this edition of Opting Out.

Face It, Trump’s Wall Decision Is Diabolical – Opting Out

"Government power doesn’t increase steadily by population or any other factor, but increases via a ‘ratcheting effect.’ Problems, real or imagined, are exacerbated in the minds of the populace: We’re convinced this problem, whatever it may be, needs to be solved at all costs. The fate of civilization is at stake! Who is going to fill this important role? Of course, the state humbly takes on this burden and, for the sake of the little people, expands its coercive power over them," writes James Smith in this edition of Opting Out.
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The Case for Censorship

"Free speech is good so long as it is sincere and true. But that is not the case with today’s national dialogue. Today, we are living in the world of 1984. Everything is doublespeak and party-line platitudes. And our media is no longer in the business of telling the truth. All of this feels like the second act of a very macabre play. Therefore, in my ever so humble opinion, the beast we call free speech… needs tempering," writes guest author IR Watteau in this contentious contribution. Want to write for Being Libertarian? CLICK HERE: www.beinglibertarian.com/contribute/
Reagan Tax cuts, economic

Economic Realities That Need to be Accepted

Political talk in America has reached new lows and it has become evident that our pundits and politicians are not having the right conversations. Ultimately,...

The Growing Incoherence of Trump’s Trade Policy – The Right Engle

Donald Trump is a man of many contradictions. Variously a Democrat, a Republican, and a Reform Party member; at times for gun control and...

Trumpism Is Not Compatible With Small Government

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last three months, let me fill you in briefly as to what’s been happening:...

Two Hopeful Trump Nominees

For all the faults one can find with President-Elect Donald Trump, along with some of his stated anti-business positions in the past, he seems...
Message to my Friends in the American Media trump, Republicans

President-Elect Trump & The ‘LGBT’ Lie

There has been tremendous uproar as President-Elect Trump continues his march to the White House, and begins appointing cabinet members to his administration. Liberal...