Album Review: Beats, Rhymes & Liberty by Freenauts


“Culture makes people understand each other better…If they understand each other better in their soul, it is easier to overcome the economic and political barriers.” – Paulo Coelho.

In a day and age where hip hop is often used to promote degeneracy, a new group called Freenauts is utilizing the art form to engender enthralling ideas and the will to take a meaningful stance.

Their debut release, Beats, Rhymes & Liberty, is an outstanding rap album that promotes libertarianism, freedom, and personal choice. With fun, clever lyrics and an upbeat rhythm from the jump, the group tackles statism, common sense, corruption, and the impact of voting. The Clinton and Bush families are both called out in various songs and censured for their countless crimes.

These fierce, badass rappers hold absolutely nothing back as they use their musical and lyrical gifts to promote the ideology of libertarianism.

Danney Williams, the self-proclaimed abandoned son of Bill Clinton, is paid tribute with Freenauts video, which went viral just before the election, after landing on Worldstar Hip Hop and Drudge Report.

The thirteen tracks on Beats, Rhymes & Liberty will appeal to a variety of music listeners. They transcend age, race, and political affiliation. The mix tape tastefully blends catchy, pop-friendly styling with the classic golden era hip hop sound.

Speech clips from the likes of former congressman Ron Paul and late comedian George Carlin are sampled over modern ‘trap’ instrumentals.

They address a well known societal theme, known as the matrix.

Founder Alex Vidal raps, “I took the red pill and woke up in a matrix. Felt ill, could someone explain this paradigm?” The red pill is a philosophical representation of truth and awareness. Those who take the red pill awaken to the true nature of the matrix, which is a parasitic system that uses humans as energy sources.

The modern regime is parallel in its innate need to obtain power from civilians. Governments have demonstrated their willingness to mislead, indoctrinate, and brainwash anyone all for the sake of growing power. This is the epitome of the matrix; only those who take the red pill can detach themselves from the machine and begin to understand the world in which they live. This analogy is made clear on the fourth track, Nowhere to Run.

What If Nobody Showed up To Vote is the last song on the mix tape; it explores the notion of a society that simply chooses not to vote as a result of enlightenment and the desire to free themselves finally from the clutches of tyranny.

The essence of this track is to remind everyone that true power lies with the people, not the figures we elect. Without the votes of obedient citizens there would be no crooked politicians to lead our nation into unnecessary wars, or raise our taxes to astronomically high rates.

The general public vastly outnumbers the few hundreds of elected officials who reside in Washington. The power of America’s so-called leaders is nothing more than a well-crafted illusion.

Freenauts rapper, CTRAFFIK, makes one wonder if perhaps we the people are enslaving ourselves by purposefully voting leaders into office who will only abuse their positions once election season is over. The very people who we trust with our faith and futures betray us like snakes once we have carried them to power. The lyrical content here highlights the distinction between power and the illusion of power.

In order for libertarianism to strike a chord in the hearts and minds of the masses, liberty must blossom through culture and the arts.

Freenauts’ gift of political communication via music may be the future of protesting corruption.

Music is one of the most powerful mediums in the world with the ability to touch the lives of millions.

With their bold compositions, the members of Freenauts are peacefully and intelligently campaigning against a state that seemingly increases in strength and corruption with each passing day.

This constructive and creative method of activism through art will also serve as an inspiration to people who may have otherwise taken to the streets, placing their lives and well-being at risk.

Edutainment is a relatively new term, it’s used to describe content designed to educate through entertainment. Freenauts is a part of the shift in our culture towards themes of individualism, protest, and liberation.

Beats, Rhymes & Liberty was released March 22 as a pay what you want download, on

Follow these guys @Freenauts and listen to their first single on iTunes or Spotify.

* Gabrielle Seunagal is a 19 year old libertarian. When Gabrielle is not reading or traveling, she is working on her career as a freelance writer. Follow Gabrielle on Twitter at @ClassySnobbb.

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Gabrielle Seunagal

Gabrielle Seunagal is an intelligent, witty, and iconic libertarian. She is very proud to be self-employed and happily works full time as a freelance writer. In her spare time, Gabrielle loves to read, travel, eat out, and go on adventures. You can follow her on Twitter @ClassySnobbb.


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