An Anonymous Letter to Antifa


I am one of the many millions of immigrants who love this country and the values I thought were shared in our society. I have studied the Constitution in college and came to value it and respect it greatly, being the timeless, brilliant document that it is.

As we both know, the beautiful First Amendment grants everyone the freedom of speech, including your right as Antifa to affirm that an anti-Trump conservative like Ben Shapiro is a Nazi, despite being a Jew for the sole reason of him not sharing your views. This same amendment grants you the right to burn the American flag, for which so many people sacrificed their lives to defend. Now, just because you have the possibility to act in a certain way, doesn’t mean you should do so, much like the fact that I can afford 100 cheeseburgers does not mean I should eat them. Being part of a society means that you should act with common decency towards your fellow members, especially when you want them to pay for your “free” (taxpayer-subsidized, if you understood economics) college, “free” healthcare, “free” food, “free” housing, and whatever else you will ask for based on your self-developed feeling of entitlement to everything, simply because you are alive. Let’s be clear: most of you do not work or generate income in any way, so do not try to convince yourselves that you are advocating for the weak, or the poor. You are selfishly demanding to be taken care of, and what is worse, resorting to violence in the exact same way that a baby would have a tantrum when denied something he wants.

I often wonder, not-so-dear Antifa, if you realize that when using your First Amendment right to (again, not-so) peacefully assemble and insult everyone who does not think like you, you are actively suppressing someone else’s right to free speech. Now, let’s be clear, I do not like all the actions taken by our President, the same way I did not agree with his predecessor, and will not entirely agree with his successor. But he is our President because he won the election fair and square. Hillary Clinton lost, not because of racism, sexism, Russian interference, or whatever argument you will come up with next, but because she was a terrible candidate. And while discussing candidates, the one I preferred, Gary Johnson, also proved to be an awful candidate who run a mediocre campaign and did not even reach the 5% he was aspiring to. But I have yet to see a single libertarian voter exercising violence.

I am sure that a small fraction of the President’s supporter are extremists in a certain way, just like I am certain Hillary’s supporters are as well. But association doesn’t work and voting for the same person as a neo-Nazi does not automatically mean that a voter is deplorable or a Nazi, it just means that when facing some options, the voter will exercise his right to decide.

Trust me, as libertarians, we know first-hand how bad it is to not get what we want. The deficit is growing, government spending is at an all-time high and to make it worse, it is mainly wasteful spending that keeps adding to our $20 trillion debt. But we keep our decency even when shut down from the presidential debates, and are using the system to seek change. That is what decent people do, they present arguments and convince whoever needs convincing. We do not loot, provoke, attack or burn flags. We do not bring disgrace to our country, and refrain from insulting those who fought for our flag, even if we do not support the wars.

Dear Antifa, as libertarians we defend your freedom to start a communist society if you manage to convince enough productive members to subsidize your entitled selves. If you are not able, please find jobs and start contributing to society. I am sure that somewhere along the way you will understand how the real world works and maybe then we will be able to debate like adults. And if you are really concerned about Nazis, join us in the fight to keep our guns and defend ourselves against real tyranny.


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  1. It’s a wonderful letter and it correctly summarizes exactly how I feel (as the son of immigrants and a Libertarian). The only problem, however, is it presupposes a certain rationality and common sense in the addressee. The people at the core of ANTIFA (although I prefer to call them what they really are which is Communists) are not rational and they can’t be reasoned with. Deep down, they loathe themselves and therefore, everyone and everything else. It’s not entitlement but self hatred transposed to our civil society. Their values and beliefs result in the same death and destruction that would come from the very fascists they claim to oppose.

    So yes. Open letters are fine and this one is really well done, but at some point, if this group persists in escalating their violence and hate, there is only one proper way to deal with that. In that regard, many of us who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign or DOMESTIC, take that oath very seriously.

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