Petersen Sounds False Alarms On Johnson & McAfee Campaigns


Opening this up, this article is not intended to endorse anyone and not intended to bash anyone. I just want to say that for a movement as small as the liberty movement, we cannot afford infighting. We have to get behind the best person to represent liberty, be it Gary Johnson, John McAfee, Austin Petersen or Kevin McCormick. The Trump v Clinton race is too big of a disaster to not make it the next chapter of liberty.

United we stand, divided we fall.

With that said, Austin Petersen sadly doesn’t seem to believe this motto and he’s now caught outright lying about both the Johnson and McAfee campaigns. I don’t want to take up the time of our readers, so I’m keeping this short and sweet.

The Gary Johnson conspiracy alarm:


Here, Austin is going to his army of Internet pals in order to claim that Gary Johnson is intentionally trying to box him out of the convention by booking every hotel room at the convention and stopping the Petersen delegates from finding accommodations. The fact stands that for the 3-4 day convention, the Johnson campaign could be set back by hundreds of thousands of dollars for a race they are currently likely to win on ballot number one.

I began asking around and found Austin’s claim to be not only untrue, but laughably so. People involved or just following the campaign heavily felt no seriousness in the comments made by Austin and felt that even the notion that a small campaign would spend so much money doing this to be a ridiculous enough reason to discard it.

Overall, Austin just visibly lied here and should probably be ashamed. Also, judging how you can post in one of the dozens of large libertarian groups, ask people if they are going and find numerous people with hotel rooms booked already, this story just strikes me as an odd lie.

Next up, the McAfee campaign crisis:



Here Austin is growing a tinfoil hat by saying this grand Gary Johnson conspiracy is about getting John McAfee’s campaign chair to quit due to some mystery donor. It doesn’t really matter, but Austin spread some grossly wrong rumor that McAfee’s chairman quit the campaign and now is saying that he’s going to wish McAfee the best so they can fight off Gary.

Problem? It’s total BS. We contacted the VP of the campaign directly and found McAfee’s chairman is having a role change, but is still an active supporter of McAfee and 100% on the staff.

All in all… Austin is spreading rumors like he’s in middle school. This isn’t the way we should conduct a campaign and these tactics to rally up his people shouldn’t be recognized.
Final thoughts? Let’s go back to explaining how Donald Trump’s trade views will crash the economy and Hillary Clinton is the female Nixon and stop fighting.

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