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Early Monday morning, after a long night of fierce talks between Chancellor Merkel’s center-right Christian Democratic Union and Christian Socialist Union (CDU/CSU), the market liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP), and the environmentalist far-left Green Party (Greens), she emerged to the


The outcome of the German federal elections, in late September, left Chancellor Angela Merkel in power, as her party the CDU/CSU (Christian Democratic/Socialist Union) took a plurality of the seats in the Bundestag, giving her the right to form a


Rebellious legislators are healthy for liberty, but only if they rectify the injustices of the failed executive. The histories of Rome and Washington have long been intertwined. Since the early days of America, the Founding Fathers ingrained law, philosophy, and even


The Republican primary for the senatorial special election in Alabama to fill the seat of now-Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has concluded with a populist upset. State judge, Roy Moore, with little funding, little to no establishment GOP support, and even with


Senator Rand Paul (R. Ky.) recently shook up Senate Republicans when he came out against the Graham-Cassidy bill, the latest (and possibly last) attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. While there is no doubt Paul’s opposition is sincere


After a cycle of nail-biting elections spanning from America’s Trump victory in November 2016, near-populist victories in France and the Netherlands, and finally June’s backfiring British elections, the German federal elections are shaping up to look like a bore. Chancellor Angela


After the second round of voting in the French parliamentary elections of 2017, President Emmanuel Macron’s party, La République en Marche! (The Republic on the Move!), won a plurality of the first round’s votes at 32%, and is set for victory

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