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Knowledge of Mac, GNU/Linux, Windows but preferring to use GNU/Linux. Bitcoin user and expert, Cyber Punk, Minarchist libertarian, Businessman, Firearm lover, Constitutionalist, and a supporter of Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS).Businessman and IT Contractor by trade available for hire. Specializing in Medical, Dental, and Small Business IT solutions https://alonganon.info


Allow me to pre-face this a bit. I apologize for this being such a large article, as there is a lot to discuss. The Internet is a marvelous thing isn’t it? I have had the privilege of being raised in a


It is being reported by media agencies that US cyber breaches utilizing Kaspersky Lab antivirus software, used by 400 million people globally including US government agencies, was discovered by Israeli intelligence officials. Apparently two years prior Israel had breached the Kaspersky


Internet analysts at Oracle, Dyn, and John Hopkins North Korea Monitoring Project (known as 38 North),  have spotted a new connection in Internet routing databases for the North Koreans via the Russian, state-owned telecommunications company, Trans TeleCom around 5:38 pm


Security Researchers at Positive Technologies have found a way to disable the Intel Management Engine (ME), a very widely hated component included in Intel CPUs implemented from Intel Core 1st to 7th generation CPUs (2006-2017). What is Intel ME? It’s a


With the privacy issues, of Gmail combing through your data and government being able to get into your email without your permission (seeing as it is a US company), not to mention the censorship Google has begun doing on YouTube,


Being the CTO of Being Libertarian, an IT contractor, and a network administrator, I've been asked a lot about my views regarding Net Neutrality. Normally, I would say the government needs to leave the internet completely unregulated. However, much like


I want to start off this article by saying I’m Jewish. To cement that point, here is a picture of me with a Star of David tattoo, alongside one of my Rabbis after morning prayers.   So it should be quite obvious

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