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Knowledge of Mac, GNU/Linux, Windows but preferring to use GNU/Linux. Bitcoin user and expert, Cyber Punk, Minarchist libertarian, Businessman, Firearm lover, Constitutionalist, and a supporter of Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS).Businessman and IT Contractor by trade available for hire. Specializing in Medical, Dental, and Small Business IT solutions https://alonganon.info


"According to FCC emails disclosed by Gizmodo, the agency intentionally spread lies to gain sympathy for the net neutrality repeal." Writes Chief Technical Officer Alon Ganon. Follow Alon on Twitter at @ChiefGyk.


"Libertarians and conservatives will say that a business has every right to do what it pleases, which I don’t disagree with; however, once you purchase the product and it's officially under your care and ownership, you should be allowed to


"Libertarians like to regularly talk about an inherent right to privacy, especially when on our own property. But we seem to fall rather silent when it’s a business, not the government, invading our privacy. We willingly sign away our privacy


"This is the same kind of asinine bullshit politicians say about violent video games causing school shootings. Being a person who grew up playing these violent games politicians raved about and also being an individual watching the porn they say


In reports that have personally made me laugh out loud to the point of tears, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is very upset about Apple caring about their users' security and privacy when it comes to their iPhones. For


Allow me to pre-face this a bit. I apologize for this being such a large article, as there is a lot to discuss. The Internet is a marvelous thing isn’t it? I have had the privilege of being raised in a


It is being reported by media agencies that US cyber breaches utilizing Kaspersky Lab antivirus software, used by 400 million people globally including US government agencies, was discovered by Israeli intelligence officials. Apparently two years prior Israel had breached the Kaspersky

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