Alon Ganon (CTO)


Alon Ganon is self taught in most things IT, beginning around four years old under the auspices of his fathers computer consulting business. Alon built his first computer when he was seven years old, and began his introduction to GNU/Linux at nine years old in the year 2000. He began his introduction to GNU/Linux with Debian and Knoppix Live CD, which is also how he navigated around his schools security systems, back in the days of Windows ME and Novell Groupware. Alon began migrating from Windows to GNU/Linux for day-to-day computer use around 14 years old using an IBM T40 laptop with Ubuntu. However in 2011 the Unity interface was released, he did not care for the interface so he switched over to Xubuntu. He has taught himself about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, even “mining” them for quite some time having built “mining rigs” with as many as 6 x AMD R9 280X GPU per motherboard.

Alon with his 6 GPU Bitcoin Mining Rig he built himself

Alon is an IT Contractor by trade specializing in the medical and dental fields, but also works with small businesses. You can read more about his professional background on his own personal wordpress at He espouses freedom in all facets of life, especially in electronic freedoms, as he is a big believer in Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS), and a supporter of the Free Software Foundation, Mozilla Foundation, as well as the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Alon believes in users having the ultimate control over their own hardware and software. This is why he uses a cloud storage, email, VPN, and media center he has setup himself. He has since migrated away from relying on web based services such as Gmail, Hotmail, and etc. due to privacy issues and concerns brought up by Edward Snowden.

Alon is very passionate about GNU/Linux and Libertarianism

Alon lives in central Ohio but travels often for business to Europe and Israel. He has a big Jewish family with his fathers side coming from Morocco and Israel, and his mothers side from the USA. Alon studied abroad in Jerusalem, Israel for a year at Ohr Sameach and derives his libertarian roots from his study of Torah throughout his life along with his beliefs in Free software. He is a minarchist who believes that with a mostly voluntarist society, and a little government to enforce life, liberty, and property is the best way to have a society that functions properly. He volunteers with some non-profit organizations in his free time to enact changes for the better.

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