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baruti-libre-photoBaruti “Libre” Kafele, who is notably known as Baruti Libre, is an intellectual entrepreneur, political scientist, author and journalist whose crafts are dedicated to economic, political, intellectual and social freedom. Baruti Libre is the Chief Executive of the successful fashion and multimedia firm called LIBRE BRAND-Freedom of Flyness. LIBRE BRAND is a globally recognized and viable brand oriented around the ideals of liberty, freedom and self-sufficiency. Baruti Libre is also a social and political blogger who disseminates his content via his YouTube channel entitled the “The Baruti Libre Show” and his articles via Additionally, Libre is a freelance writer whose articles have been published by, the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and other publications through out the world wide web.

Baruti Libre is a Jersey City, New Jersey native; a magna cum laude graduate from Kean University and an honors alumnus of the Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems at Georgetown University. Baruti Libre’s major was in political science with an emphasis in international/comparative politics with minors in sociology and African American studies. Libre was a meritorious Kean University Dean’s List student who was inducted into the Eta Sigma chapter of the Pi Sigma Alpha Honors Society (which is a national political science honors society for high achieving college and university students of political science in the United States). Additionally, Libre has been inducted into the Alpha Kappa Delta Honors Society (which is an international sociology honors society for academically meritorious college and university students of sociology in the United States). Not to mention, he was inducted into the Lambda Alpha Sigma Kean University Honors Society and last but not least, was inducted into America’s most prestigious, oldest, competitive and multidisciplinary honors society; Phi Kappa Phi.

Baruti Libre is a reader and lecturer within the subject matters of political science, macro-economics, micro-economics, libertarian thought, sociology, American history, African/African American history and political theory. His passion is to inspire the next generation of people to become motivated and self sufficient enough to achieve their respective goals and dreams. The impetus for this passion is so that people could contribute their respective gifts towards the betterment of themselves and society through education, vocation and even innovation. Libre is a strong and unequivocal advocate for liberty and freedom and he dedicates his professional and personal life towards the liberation of humanity.  You can follow Baruti Libre on Twitter and Instagram; @BarutiLibre, refer to for literature/apparel and for apparel.


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