Charles Peralo

Charles PeraloCharles Peralo is an American inventor, political activist, and co-founder of Peralo started his career early with activism and projects in the tech and Bitcoin space. He set up his first startup called Streable LLC to focus on the problem of communication in forums and chat groups online with new software. After that, he spent three years working in financial projects and mainly focused on Bitcoin where he was an early investor. Currently, his main focus in business is his new startup Pivot Foods LLC focused on developing new technology in the food industry. He also holds several patents on technology that has been granted for exercise and physical recovery equipment that are granted in the United States, Latin America and Europe.
In politics, he started his involvement with online work, but also via the Gary Johnson campaign in 2011 where he was an early volunteer. He later joined the Seasteading Institute which was a California based 501c3 focused on startup cities geared with the impact of solving immigration issues for startup founders. After this, he became involved in the political avenue of Bitcoin doing activism and organization in New York.
With becoming a co-founder to Being Libertarian, he has identified himself as a Gary Johnson libertarian. He believes being an inventor, teetotaler, bicyclist, atheist and transhumanist holds a unique mix where a moderated version of libertarianism can lead to a greater future. He moderated the Libertarian Party debate in Pennsylvania in 2016, has done interviews with names such as Governor Gary Johnson, media legend John Stossel, Ambassador Alan Keyes and others. He also ran for Chairman of the Libertarian Party in 2016, focusing on bringing a new emphasis on technology to the party.
His goals in life are to get his products sold globally, grow Being Libertarian to a major online group and bike from New York to San Francisco.


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