Gabrielle Seunagal

Gabrielle Seunagal is an outspoken and intelligent center-right libertarian. She strongly believes in the free market, personal responsibility, and liberty. Gabrielle recognizes that these intangibles are essential to successful growth and high achievement.

She also possesses insurmountable ambition and determination. When Gabrielle sets her mind to something, there is no stopping her. Gabrielle is a headstrong, bold, and determined young lady. She has demonstrated her willpower to accomplish her goals time and time again. Giving up is not in Gabrielle’s nature.

During Gabrielle’s time in high school, she developed a passion for politics and would later go on to write articles as a means of speaking out and expressing her political views. Being heard and making an impact are two things that are very important to Gabrielle. After high school, she moved to Nevada and then Georgia a month later. Gabrielle worked several service industry jobs before realizing that she was meant to be self employed. Why should Gabrielle be paid to build someone else’s dream, when she could be paid to build her own? Gabrielle has always known that she was destined to be magnificent and iconic.

In January 2017, Gabrielle transformed writing from a hobby into her career. Since then, she has contributed articles to a plethora of news platforms and other outlets. Gabrielle has also penned press releases, petitions, flyers, brochures, and editions for various websites. Writing has opened up so many doors for Gabrielle and taught her a lot about who she is as a woman who works. Turning her passion into her career has empowered Gabrielle and given her a strong sense of self and purpose. Additionally, Gabrielle’s success as a writer has inspired her to one day start her own foundation to help young people who aspire to go into business for themselves. She now works full time as a professional freelance writer and is steadily progressing.


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