Jake Dorsch

Jake Dorsch is a libertarian activist, bank teller, investor and aspiring future economist from Green Bay, Wisconsin that is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in both political science and quantitative economics at Drake University. He is currently on track to graduate a year early and will likely continue to obtain a master’s degree in econometrics.

Jake has been very politically involved, as he helped with current Libertarian Party of Wisconsin Chairman Phillip Anderson’s Senate campaign in 2016, he founded and became President of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Drake University, became the acting Vice Chairman of the House Liberty Caucus affiliate in Iowa and is a new addition to the Being Libertarian staff. Further, he has also participated in or led activism efforts on certain issues, including a campaign to contact politicians to legalize recreational marijuana in Iowa.

As far as political views go, Jake doesn’t identify with any smaller faction within the libertarian movement because he views as counterproductive to unifying the libertarian movement. Further, he generally justifies libertarian thought in more of a utilitarian tone insofar as he prefers logical and economic reasoning over moral or philosophical reasoning. His intellectual influences include Ayn Rand, F.A. Hayek, Walter E. Williams, Charles Wheelan, President Calvin Coolidge, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, and Edward Snowden. As a result, he champions lower taxes, fewer military interventions, legalized prostitution, decriminalization of drugs, gay marriage, gun rights, and free trade.

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