Luke Garrison

Luke Garrison passed away on Sunday, 27 August 2017, only days before his wedding day. At the time, he was studying criminal and constitutional law at Seattle University Law School, and held a bachelor’s degree in psychology/pre-law from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. where he concentrated in social psychology.

Being the genuine “black sheep” that is a conservative theatre nerd from New York, he had to begin defending his political and ideological positions from a young age. As a born and raised conservative Republican, Luke had been familiar with some libertarian ideology for many years, though he hadn’t started considering the party seriously until the 2016 election. After a few too many “last straws,” Luke divorced from the Republican Party over matters of fundamental values, namely that it stands for nothing.

As an aspiring constitutional scholar, Luke was a staunch defender of originalism. He was also an outspoken advocate for free speech, Second Amendment rights, the right of humans not to be murdered in the womb, “Peace through Strength,” free market capitalism, and repealing the Sixteenth Amendment to begin the return of a very small federal government. He rejected the dangerous ideology known as progressivism, and was against isolationism in almost all circumstances. He believed principles should be more important than party loyalty, which had led him away from both “major” parties.

Some of Luke’s modern political influences included Thomas Sowell, Antonin Scalia, Ronald Reagan, Ayn Rand, Mark Levin, and Ben Shapiro.

In addition to his political/legal studies, Luke was a classically-trained baritone who had performed in musical theatre, opera, and choirs since the age of 3. He began performing professionally in high school and has worked in New York, D.C., Virginia, and Connecticut as a singer and actor. His favorite musical was Les Miserables, which he had seen and listened to countless times, been cast in two productions, and yet still cried at the end.

In his spare time, Luke enjoyed singing with his family and talking philosophy, politics, and religion with anyone who will listen over a strong, dark beer and the occasional cigar. He could be found debating statists from both the right and left both in person and online. Luke was a Roman Catholic and the father of a beautiful daughter.