Thomas J. Eckert

Thomas “T.J.” Eckert was introduced to libertarian philosophy at a young age through the firearms community. His passion for history and the second amendment led him to discover books from noted historians such as Murray Rothbard and Tomas E. Woods.

He considers the foundation of his reading to be Rothbard’s For a New Liberty; making a habit of buying copies to hand out to friends and acquaintances when the topic of politics comes up. After which, he was led into the writings of many classical liberals such as Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek. From then on, he became infatuated with the Austrian school of economics. He regularly contributes to the Mises Institute, the Foundation for Economic Education, and tries to make their seminars whenever possible.

He spends his spare time doing recreational shooting and writing political and ideological pieces for Being Libertarian. Although recently graduating college, he has not committed to pursuing graduate work, but considers himself to be self-taught regarding economics through his extensive reading. When asked about his beliefs, he considers himself to be an adamant voluntarist. Currently he is writing his first book, Everyone Plays a Part; a mixture of economic, philosophic, and pragmatic ideas laid out as a path toward sustainable human accomplishment. His writing has been featured in the Foundation for Economic Education, NewsWeek, and the PanAm Post.

His future aspirations are to launch a politically devoted podcast, with the end goal of running for public office in the future. His interest in the intricacies of politics blossomed after helping his father campaign for a local city office in his elementary and high school years. He hopes to gain office and provide a virtuous example of change and leadership, something he believes to be in desperate need in the United States.

T.J’s influences include: Murray Rothbard, Frederic Bastiat, Adam Smith, Henry Hazlitt, David Ricardo, Thomas Aquinas, Lew Rockwell, Scott Horton, F.A. Hayek, Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, Mary Ruwart, Lawrence Reed, Tom Woods, Ron Paul, and Rand Paul.

He resides just outside Cleveland, with his gorgeous wife. Together they plan on spending time in Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand before settling back down in Ohio.


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