Donald Trump To Debate Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is expected to debate Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump in an unusual public encounter that will exclude the current Democrat front runner, Hillary Clinton. Plans to participate in a one-on-one debate were presented to each candidate during their subsequent appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Sanders told Kimmel, “You made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate about two guys who look at the world very, very differently,” during his appearance on the comedian’s television show.

Should this interaction materialize, it will be an unusual event. The exclusion of Hillary Clinton leaves the impression that this debate will be more than just an opportunity for opposing candidates to challenge policies. This will be a very personal, ideological interaction between two people who have far more in common than their respective supporters give them credit for. Both Sanders and Trump are notorious for their extremely vocal supporters, big-government propositions, and outspoken behavior. The fact that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic presidential nominee has been apparently for a long time, leaving Sanders with nothing to lose. With the DNC sanctioned candidate debates out of the way, and a presidential election ahead, this debate may be an opportunity for Sanders and his supporters to raise a commotion regarding the Democrat Party’s internal operations that left any candidate who wasn’t Hillary Clinton with little chance of success. Considering that Trump has already overcome his opposition on the Republican side of the political sphere, this debate may leave him with little to gain or lose politically.

While in North Dakota, Trump announced that the prospect of a one-on-one debate with Sanders would produce high television ratings, and should take place in a large arena. Trump indicated that he would like to use the debate as an opportunity to raise money for women’s health charity organizations, stating that Bernie Sanders should be required to contribute $10 million before the interaction could take place.  Sanders responded positively via Twitter.

Trump is not the first to be given an opportunity to challenge Bernie Sanders in a one-on-one interaction. Previously, Fox News had attempted to arrange a debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, to which Sanders graciously agreed. Clinton declined. As the election season approaches, all candidates should be attempting to leave their supporters with final notes before they head to the polls to try and elect their chosen candidate to the most powerful position in the world. Most minds have been made up, and there are not many opportunities left to gain supporters.

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Nathaniel Owen is the Chairman and co-founder of Being Libertarian. He is a writer, musician, homeschooling advocate, and libertarian, and typically addresses issues from an economic point of view. Nathaniel is a member of the Goldwater Institute, a Friend of the Rare Book School at the University of Virginia, and has been a member of the Libertarian Party since 2012.