Bernie Sanders has No Comment on Rand Paul’s Debate Challenge


The idea of a debate between a Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders is a popular one; scores of young Americans from all sides of the political spectrum are attracted to the idea of the two outsiders debating at their local town hall. The idea of Rand vs. Bernie stirs up images in the minds of the proponents; Liberty vs. Safety, Choice vs. Coercion, Individualism vs. Collectivism, and Capitalism vs. Socialism. Rand even agreed, stating “Anytime, anywhere.”

So what is the bad news for people who have called for this?

Bernie won’t entertain the idea.

Bernie Sanders has been called “uncompromising” by those close to him. It has also been said of him that he has extremely high expectations for his staff members, and has “no sense of humor”. Houston consultant Susan Boardman Russ, chief of staff for late Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords had to say this about Bernie:

“Bernie is so certain that what he represents politically is unquestionably correct, therefore everyone should agree. Not much room for compromise…it was, ‘Play in my sandbox, or get out.’”

Doesn’t exactly sound like someone who’d respond well to being confronted with different opinions. In the past, Bernie has ignored the question on whether or not he would debate a libertarian, and when asked by Josh Cook of Truth in Media, the Sanders campaign told Cook it had “no comment” on the idea of a debate.

Sanders has also shown he is spineless in the face of the Black Lives Matter movement, and has demonstrated appeal to emotion logical fallacies at every possible opportunity. If you were hoping to see Bernie and Rand face off in a head to head battle of issues no other candidates will cover, you might as well hope both of the two somehow get their party’s nomination, because Bernie will not debate Rand unless it’s required of him.

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Chris Johncox


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