Border Wall Woes, Syria Withdrawal, No Deal On Brexit, & Bill C-76

The Being Libertarian Global News Roundup 23/12/2018


Welcome to the first Being Libertarian Roundup. Each Week we will be rounding up the most important stories from across all of our publications so that you can stay up to date all on that happens in this crazy world of ours. Check it out!

Global news

  • The Father of the crypto anarchy movement and author of The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto and Crypto Anarchy and Virtual Communities , Tim May, has passed away.


  • President Trump announced the withdrawal of troops from Syria, and the withdrawal of 7000, or half, of the currently stationed troops in Afghanistan. Read more here.
  • A GoFundMe campaign for Trump’s border wall started on December 16th, and has sky rocketed towards it’s total goal of 1 billion dollars. Read more here.
  • A Federal judge has ruled that the sheriffs department wasn’t under legal obligation to protect students during the Broward Country school shooting. Read more here.
  • The government has entered shutdown over the requested $5 billion for the border wall. Read more here.


  • The Canadian Chamber of Commerce came out in defence of Prime Minister Trudeau’s carbon pricing and cap-and-trade plans
  • Ontario has cut an additional $25 million in Premier Doug Ford’s massive and sweeping budget cuts, this time aiming at the education sector.
  • Bill C-76, the electoral reform bill, finally passes for royal assent.
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  • Both the UK and the EU have been making preparations for the potential of Britain leaving without a deal.
  • Several Tory MPs have threatened resignation over the aforementioned potential No Deal leave that Theresa May is currently working with.
  • Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn came under hot water for seemingly mouthing the phrase “stupid woman” in relation to the Prime Minister.
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South Africa

  • South Africa celebrated Reconciliation Day on December 16th. A holiday marked with the purpose of celebrating togetherness in spite of their divided history. Read more here.

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