BREAKING: DNC Used Early Voting To Push Obama’s 2008 Win


The Guccifer 2.0 leak reveals another bombshell: the Democratic National Committee had documents showing their attempts at projecting early voting turnout, and how pushing for as much early voting as possible — which has been shown to benefit Democrats — would get Obama the win in 2008.

An Excel document loaded with info shows the DNC toying with how far early voting could go to swing the election Obama’s way.

The first tab of it shows the projected margin of victory handedly going their way due to an over 200,000 ballot lead … in only North Carolina. The entirety of the projection – the whole Excel document and all of the numbers – is of North Carolina, a key swing state that would ultimately help solidify Obama’s victory.

The second tab deals with the “probable electorate,” and is just a number crunch of the scenarios, that outlines the date in the first tab. It projects Obama winning by an early vote margin of 232,320.5 votes.

The third and final tab with anything in it deals with who they should target in early voting, and runs through scenarios about turnout, partisanship, all the way down to a gameplan for a gain in vote margin from generating early votes. The model “assumes Early Votes do not selectively capture people who would have voted otherwise. If they do, then Early Vote targeting does not matter.” They had a calculation that they could force early voting from non-voters, and target people that they think they can get to vote for Obama early, when voters still aren’t super informed.

This raises questions, also, about the validity of the votes cast, since early voting causes a greater chance of voter fraud. There’s no proof that voter fraud did occur, but this document objectively raises questions, not concerning their methodology but of the validity of the process.

Also objectively, voter fraud has been shown to give Democrats an edge. Not only that, but early voting encourages voters to pick a president uninformed. Thousands among thousands of people voted before any of the presidential debates. 99% of the mail in voters voted before election day. The full document can be viewed here.

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