BREAKING: Trump & Clinton To Release Medical Information

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Both Republican and Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are set to release their medical information. It is being reported that a spokesperson for the Clinton campaign said that the Democratic presidential candidate will be releasing information this week, whereas the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump has announced that he will release detailed health information in the coming days.

This comes just a day after Clinton fainted leaving the 9/11 memorial event in New York on Sunday, and later diagnosed with pneumonia.

On Friday Clinton was diagnosed with the lung condition, which has been just revealed to the public after the latest controversy today involving her leaving a 9/11 memorial event in New York City earlier today.

On the way out of the event, a video was captured of her fainting and being helped into a van upon an early exit. Early reports before it was revealed that she had pneumonia suggested that the Clinton camp said she “overheated,” which fueled more debate, as the weather in New York at the time was around 77°. Just before the incident, she said “I’m feeling great! It’s a beautiful day in New York.” Clinton was taken from the event at ground zero just 90 minutes after her arrival.

The sincerity of the stories posited by the Clinton camp seems to be in question by many, as Senator Chuck Schumer was with Clinton and stated that “it was pretty hot out there, but she seemed fine to me,” which seems to contradict the actual weather that New York experienced earlier today.

This news comes after controversy of her long coughing fit at a speech, also in which she appeared to have cleared her throat into a glass of water.

Clinton has long denied having health problems, and this is another case that clashes with that self-evaluation.

This controversy comes only two weeks before the first presidential debates, and could put a hamper on her campaign if questions about her health continue.

Reports also show that she’s taking antibiotics to counter the pneumonia.

And in other shocking news, reported by David Shuster, it was reported that there may be an “emergency meeting” with the DNC to discuss the possibility of a Clinton replacement as a result of these health issues. It’s all preliminary, and no one knows if anything will come of it.

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