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Brexit Sends Global Markets into Roller Coaster Ride

As these lines are written it looks like the United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union.

The Guardian‘s poll tracker reports that 83% of results have been counted and “Leave” leads 52% to 48%.

Here’s how different commodities and futures markets, other than the UK Pound obviously, are reacting.

Gold is soaring like it hasn’t in a while, up over 6% right now:

Gold Price


US 30 Year Treasury Bond futures are up about 3.3%:

US Treasury Bond Futures

Meanwhile, US stock market futures are down over 4.5% percent in some cases:

US Stock Market Futures

And by the way, Bitcoin is up about 15% over the past 12 hrs:

Bitcoin chart

If you want to know how I protect myself against such turbulent market moves, and even profit from them, read my post “A Portfolio For All Occasions“.

Update: At this point all votes have been counted and it has been officially announced that the Leave campaign has won the referendum with 51.9% of all votes.

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