A Call to Arms: Response to CIA Wiretapping


We live in a time of great tumult, and the CIA doesn’t help. The things that we believed were true turned out to be false. Facts became lies and lies became facts. The people we depended on to obtain the enlightenment of truth conspired to keep us in the dark. The tentacles of government maneuvered in the background while the people were preoccupied with a material world. These tentacles engendered dissent, enveloped freedom, and enriched themselves. Slowly, the fabric binding our liberty to our souls was stolen from us like a wolf stalking a flock of sheep. We were easy pickings. We entrusted the leaders of our society to act in our best interest.  Armed with the public trust, the government endeavored to rob us for the fools that we became. We expected the government to do the work of missionaries and saints. We blindly supposed that there were road blocks preventing the government from traveling down the highway to tyranny. But, a starving man will always find a way to eat food. We refused to listen to calls off in the distance, warning of the impending salvos proclaiming tyranny. We dismissed them as irrational and then sent them on their way. Unchecked power, corruption, and greed have endangered our republic. Institutions with a vital public interest to serve have instead served themselves.

Guarantees of these institutions have come at a high price. Yes, there is still money in your bank account, the traffic lights prevent chaos, you have food and water in your house, and schools for your children. What price did you pay to ensure that the faculties of government could provide you with a false sense of security while they pillage your liberty?

Our existence ensures our natural rights of life, liberty, and property. You have the right to exist; no one can take that right away from you without the discourse of due process of law and government is supposed to exist so that no one violates your right to life, and that you do not violate another’s life.

You have the right to freedom insomuch as you can intrinsically say, think, buy, sell, and create a life of your choosing, and insofar as you do not impede upon another’s right to act as you do. Government protects liberty by ensuring privacy. Think of freedom esoterically as an ancient warrior: to protect yourself from tyranny, you are armed, hand in hand, with liberty and privacy, as a sword and shield, respectively. When privacy is violated, liberty undoubtedly is taken.

Property ensures economic activity and rent-seeking behavior. Without insurances on property, verifying ownership of goods and services would impede upon transactions between consenting parties to exchange agreed upon goods and services. We are surely endowed with more rights, but these rights constitute the basis for the foundation and formation of government power. In other words, society functions best when these rights are ensured. When our rights our ensured, society can function with order.

We must sacrifice for there to be an orderly society. We all forfeit the same amount of rights and are imposed with the same duties. This has evolved from a state of nature as civilization has progressed. We are unconsciously bound to the sovereign will of order while sacrificing freedom. Take for instance, riding the subway. We sacrifice personal space and freedom to travel where we want, but we gain convenient and easy transportation. Our rights are bound by the same relationship as you have when riding the subway. This is a social contract. Government and our rights are two different sovereign entities, just as you and the train are two distinct beings. The train is a compilation of different parts, much as a government is a sum of different parts, and you are a metaphysical being (you are you, but you cannot prove existence beyond the pure notion, “I am thinking, therefore I exist,” which is also the basis for your rights). Therefore, there is an escrow of trust between government and rights which necessitates a social Contract.  A breach of the social contract occurs when the sacred trust between government and rights has been broken.

Our leaders have taken us for pawns, pieces to be moved on a chess board. Governing has become a game. While we have been insidiously appeased by a mass media industrial-complex, our government has made overtures toward surveying us, seizing our rights, and disarming the very institutions that ensure our protection. In the background, agents of dissent have covertly undermined attempts toward progress, civility, governance, and liberty. Look at the world around you and see that our cities are in decay, our schools teach utter nonsense, and chaos seems to be around every corner. Now ask, Why? People who are uneducated about their rights and liberty make good drones.

It is the duty of the people to show where power is vested and who truly owns the seats of power. We are not pawns on a chess board, we are the people en masse. Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny; when the government fears the people, that’s freedom.”

I remain, Sir,

Your Humble Servant,

Silence Dogood

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* Sean Dwyer is a follower of Paine, Friedman, Hayek, and Mises. He studied economics, political science, and math at Western Michigan University. “Fortune favors the bold.”

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