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Charges Filed Against Jill Stein and Her VP for Vandalism, Trespassing

Morton County, South Dakota police have issued an arrest warrant for Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein and her Vice President pick, Ajamu Barak, for trespassing and vandalism.

Stein spray painted the words “I approve this message” onto a bulldozer at the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota on Tuesday.

Both of these charges are each Class B misdemeanors that could mean a maximum of 30 days in prison and $1500 in fines for each charge.

If Stein and Barak were to serve the maximum jail sentence for each charge, they would each get a 60 day prison sentence, and $3000 in fines. This would put them both in jail until past election day this November.

* Nicholas Amato is a writer and contributor for Being Libertarian. He’s an undergraduate student at San Jose State University, majoring in political science and minoring in journalism.

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