Chasing Legitimacy: Hillary Clinton Most Despotic Adventure

hillary Clinton

The numbers are in and the margin for error is very small;  Clinton and Stein know this.
Yet, in lieu of raising funds for social wellness programs (something they say cannot be done in spite of Bernie Sanders’ raising $229 million in campaign funds) they raise funds to make a ruckus about the election results (Sanders only spent $223.4 million. I wonder where he got the money for that summer house).

Jill Stein has raised a cool $5 million to make Wisconsin recount the votes. Why? Because Trump beat Clinton by 22,177 votes, and Stein believes that’s a slim margin. Now the Clinton campaign is joining the cause, but even they know there is a slim chance of this changing anything. Why might they be putting themselves through all of this? Because their very hardline leftist voters, after booing Trump at the second debate for saying he won’t accept the results if he lost, are refusing to accept the results now that their favorite candidate lost.

In spite of their demagogical use of polarizing rhetoric to keep people voting for one of the two parties  during the campaign; and even with the multitude of vote-swapping schemes online – for people in swing states or very red or blue states to swap votes to secure the swing states for Hillary Clinton  (Many Libertarians did this to get the Libertarian Party the coveted 5% national vote) – Democrats everywhere are outraged at the racist Electoral College system for handing the victory to Donald Trump.

Libertarians collectively rolled their eyes at the ill-named “Democrat” party for this freakout, and the violence that accompanied it! That’s not to say that Republicans don’t do the same things (though, with much less violence) because they do. Both of the parties subject themselves to this embarrassment because of one thing: legitimacy.

Legitimacy is possibly the best reason to keep democratic mechanisms in any governmental regime if they be self-interested, even if it’s all smoke and mirrors. Democracy helps cull the populace because democratic regimes will normally institutionalize participation, and the acceptance of the general will of the people expressed by a vote.

The reason that the Democrats are angry right now is because they feel that the general will is best expressed with a popular majority vote. What they don’t realize, is that since most people are self-interested, then they will begin the cycle of a tyranny of the majority.

For example, if the majority were to think that the minority should pay for everybody to freeload because it is in the best interest of the majority, it benefits them the most.
What might happen, though, when the minority is taxed beyond their capacity, and the majority is required to pay more than they receive? They would then vote against further tax raises for social programs.

Why else does communism happen in places of mass poverty, rather than places of prosperity – despite Marx saying the opposite?

Why was he wrong about the collapse of capitalism into communism? Well, maybe he will be right about it after all; if the masses continue to vote in their own self-interests without being checked by mechanisms like the Electoral College.

Quite simply, the people have the power in their masses to do as they wish, if they can get focused enough.

So why are Clinton and Stein marching stoically into more public embarrassment? Because they’re both political stooges who simply do what the plurality of their constituents want.

They are performing monkeys who sing and dance their little piece up on stage for the world to see; the world that then throws virtue signals and votes their way. The internet has been awash with angry Democrats abhorring the system in place, because they didn’t get their way.

Clinton knows this recount is futile, or, at least, I would hope she does, since the Democrats trolled Donald Trump for saying that the election was rigged.

Or maybe they know that Clinton should have won – because they hacked the machines themselves? Would that really be so surprising after learning that Clinton rigged the Democratic primaries?

Yeah, that’s probably it, they were betting on a rigged race the whole time and lost!

No wonder the stock market went down for a moment on the 9th of November. The elites were literally betting on a rigged race; at least, that’s what I’m going to say (since apparently, we can all just do what we want now).

* Jesse Campbell is a former marine with one combat tour in Afghanistan, a father and husband, and a currently in his junior year of his political science degree. He likes anything outdoors and dogs, lots and lots of dogs.

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