The Coming American Civil War

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Maryland Army NG in Baltimore. Photo: Staff Sgt. Ron Lee.

I do not want to sound like one of those conspiracy buffs out there, but please, bear with me.

I have serious reason to believe that if Hillary Clinton wins this coming election it would set off a civil war in America. This may sound a bit outlandish, but history demonstrates that the least expected outcomes are usually the ones not planned for. Thus, they become the very things that actually do end up happening. Here is a detailed argument for why we should all strap in and get ready for some chops this coming November.

Racial Powder Keg

Race relations have been a sensitive area for this entire year and this election has been mired by race baiting.

The mainstream media has no problem with fanning the flames that have resulted in riots erupting throughout the country. Blacks believe that “white America” is out to get them and “white America” think blacks are a bunch of criminals: Wars start with the breakdown of dialogue. Within this year alone, race riots broke out in Chicago, Albuquerque, San Jose, Milwaukee, and Charlotte. Three of these riots were associated with Donald Trump. Interestingly enough, Trump and his followers have been on the receiving end of these riots. What do you think will happen when Trump followers have had enough, and begin rioting themselves? It makes for a situation when white Trump supporters may actually feel that they are facing an existential threat if Hillary wins. The fact that white Americans are becoming a minority means that they are not entirely wrong.

I do not know about anyone else, but when a bunch of white people start feeling threatened with extinction, I get really nervous; especially when they are the gun-totting kind of white people.

A Year Of Deception

We are facing one of the most revelatory elections in American history. And when I say revelatory, I do not mean it in a good way.

The amount of leaks that have come out against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee gives any sane person justification to believe that Mrs. Clinton and her camp would actually attempt to rig an election. Why? Consider that during this year we found out that:

  1. Hillary Clinton lied about how many devices she had. When she stated she only had one, the truth came out that she had 18. Now, this may seem like a minor detail, but it does demonstrate that she is indeed willing to deceive on matters of her personal affairs. The question is, why?
  2. During the Department of Justice investigation, it was revealed that she did have classified information in her private email servers, which she denied. She, in fact, did allow people without proper clearance access to her private emails, which contained classified material. This is something she also denied a year before.
  3. She deleted 30,000 emails with BleachBit to cover her tracks.
  4. The Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, had a private meeting with Bill Clinton before disclosing the contents of the email investigation.
  5. It was discovered that staff in Hillary’s camp destroyed devices with hammers. It was also discovered that the FBI helped them.
  6. The FBI’s director, James Comey, acknowledge that Mrs. Clinton’s behavior was a breach of protocol, but declined to indict her, or withdraw her security clearance.
  7. Loretta Lynch seems to suggest that during committee hearings that she both believed that Clinton violated the law, but also did not violate the particular law as it regards to the State Department. Confused?
  8. 1,300 emails were leaked revealing that Hillary used the Clinton Foundation as a pay-for-play scheme to grant access to the State Department.
  9. DNC leaks confirmed that the DNC colluded with the media and Hillary’s camp to steal the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders.
  10. Leaked Podesta emails revealed that Hillary’s camp actually intended to have Trump win the Republican nomination so she could have an easy opponent.
  11. Podesta emails also showed that they always planned to pay Bernie Sanders off, in order to obtain his endorsement.
  12. Debbie Schultz, former head of the DNC, resigned in disgrace over the DNC leaks, only to be hired by Clinton’s campaign.
  13. Another email leak shows evidence that suggest that Clinton colluded with the DNC to spin the Benghazi incident.
  14. Goldman Sachs leaked transcripts shows Clinton claiming that her position against banks was only “political”.
  15. In another email, she claimed to have both a “private” and a “public” position, regarding Wall Street.
  16. The DNC leaks demonstrated that the extent of Hillary’s reach includes the mainstream media, which colludes with her campaign.
  17. The federal government, no doubt prompted by Hillary’s camp, sought to discredit Wikileaks by claiming it is from Russian hackers.
  18. On and on, and so forth.

In other words, this year has unequivocally exposed Hillary Clinton and her camp as being a bunch of insidious, fraudulent conspirators.

Now, the problem with this is that all this information is available to the public. Far too many people know that this transpired, to be able to sweep it under a rug. Trump actually speaks about these things at his rallies and his followers are briefed on these matters regularly. Clinton has managed to make Alex Jones look like a credible source of truth!

The Death Knell

Now, I have a question for you, “What happens during every election?” People may say that this is a vague question, so I will tell you.

In every election, the other side has to concede to the other party, that that other party did, in fact, win. People may wonder about this little formality, but it actually is more than just a formality. You see, back in the day, since the dawn of democracy, there has been the potential for crisis to occur during every election. The reason for this is that the democratic government is far more fragile than people realize. The only thing that keeps it together, is faith, the belief in the legitimacy of the government, and its authority.

Now, during elections, parties were known to have their own armies/goons/supporters, so at any moment a losing party could decide to start a rebellion. What do you think Donald Trump and his supporters will do, if they lose this election? The crazy thing is that there is enough evidence for them to have a sound reason to distrust any Clinton victory. Trump is already telling his followers that the election is rigged. He is a man who has fought longer and harder for more minute things like people questioning whether or not he is a billionaire. What do you think he will do when it comes to the presidency?

Furthermore, despite what the media is reporting, Trump’s rallies are, in fact, packed and frightening. I was at one here in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and what I saw reminded me of a Nazi rallies. If Trump gave the command, the crowd would have ripped any dissenter to shreds; luckily they weren’t any.

Of course, I know many readers will say, “Gary, you are being far too dramatic.” To them, I say, if you know your history you know that every democracy has, eventually, fallen. Also, to be clear: America’s collapse is not a matter of “if”, but “when”. It is inevitable. In addition, if you look up other revolutions, it doesn’t take that much for them to transpire. Tunisia erupted over a guy burning himself to death. Poland erupted over a man getting fired. Ukraine went into civil war over their government refusing inclusion into the Euro. What about Egypt and Syria?

The DNC had the opportunity to do the right thing and let Bernie Sanders take the nomination. Instead, they desired to test the mettle of a country that was founded on rebellion. There are more guns in America in the public’s hands, than there are Americans. All it really takes is one person and one shot to change the course of history. You have been warned!

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Gary St. Fleur

Gary St. Fleur is the founder of Save Scranton, an organization that campaigns against the corruption and malfeasance in the North Eastern Pennsylvania area, by utilizing grassroots efforts to enact reform.

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