Cuban Libertarians Face Danger, Taiwan and China Lash Out, and Italian Libertarians Want Coverage


Welcome back to the Being Libertarian news roundup where we’ll go through all that’s gone on in this crazy world of ours. Tons of news out of Europe this week, things getting scarier with China, and a lot of Trump news going on in America.


  • The most recent state-backed land conference took place this week in Pretoria, South Africa, with pushes for more reforms and potential expropriation. Read more here.


  • David Duke, former KKK Grand Wizard, came out in support of Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar over their remarks about dual-citizenship in Israel. Read more on this story here.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Chief of Staff are under investigation by the FEC regarding the funneling of funds from PACs to private companies. Read more on this story here.
  • Michael Cohen testified for the second time regarding the ongoing investigation against Trump’s campaign.
  • President Trump also met with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, to push peace talks with the hermit nation.
  • Ocasio-Cortez also began a row of infighting in the Democratic Party by denouncing moderate members of the party.
  • The Cuban Libertarian Party awaits the final vote from the constitutional referendum which may endanger their lives.
  • Read more on these stories here.


  • President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan recently spoke out regarding the threat of China against the country’s security. Read more on this story here.
  • China’s social credit system, it has been reported, has blocked 138 people from leaving the country and resulted in 17.5 million train tickets being canceled. Read more on this story here.


  • Things get down to the wire as the final set of votes have been scheduled regarding the UK’s plans for Brexit.
  • The Home Secretary promises almost £1 billion for police funding to tackle knife crime.
  • Archbishop of Lyon, Philippe Barabarin, in France received a suspended prison sentence for neglect over sexual abuse allegations.
  • The Italian state broadcaster, RAI, is currently embattled with the state as the Five Star Movement wants more libertarian-leaning content.
  • Demands have arisen in Albania calling for their prime minister’s resignation over alleged links to organized crime and general corruption.
  • Read more on these stories here.

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