Daniel Hale: The Latest NSA Whistleblower

daniel hale

Daniel Hale is the most recent whistleblower to release documents exposing the injustice carried out by the state. Hale was a National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence analyst. Hale was also a former airman who served as a defense contractor for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

It is thought that he had leaked classified documents to the news outlet, The Intercept. This is the same outlet that Edward Snowden used to expose the NSA, as did former Air Force linguist, Reality Winner, and former FBI agent, Terry J. Albury. In the indictment, it is presumed that Jeremy Scahill was the reporter in contact with Hale.

“I’m probably going to get indicted and I’m probably going to get charged with a crime, and there’s probably a real chance that I’m going to have to fight to stay out of prison, ” Hale stated.

Hale has been charged with five counts of mishandling of information, obtaining and disclosing national defense information, theft of government property, and other crimes related to disclosure. Hale is facing up to 50 years in federal prison.
This is just another example of how someone who is exposing the state can come under their thumb, yet a deep state puppet like Hillary Clinton can run an illegal email server to help transact favors for those who have donated millions of dollars to her slush fund, The Clinton Foundation.

So what was so awful that Hale would feel the need to risk such charges?

Hale worked on a drone strike task force, originally part of the Obama administration’s drone strike program. As a signals analyst, Hale identified high-value drone targets.

What brought him to terms was the fact that there was no way to tell innocents from real terrorists, and once a strike was carried out, everyone that was killed was classified as a combatant. This has allowed the government to save face by decreasing the number of civilians that have been killed throughout this program.

Hale is quoted as saying the following:

“The most disturbing thing . . . is the uncertainty if anyone I was involved in killing or capture was a civilian or not, there’s no way of knowing.”

Contact between Hale and The Intercept reporter, Scahill, started in 2013 after Hale approached Scahill at a book signing. By the next year, with coaxing from Scahill, Hale began to print off documents related to the drone strikes. Of those 36 documents, 17 were published either in part or in whole. Those 17 documents were published either through The Intercept’s reporting or a book by Scahill and other reporters. Of those documents published, 11 were considered classified.

Hale is a hero and should be seen as one. Daniel Hale’s name should be up there with Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, and all the others who have risked their life and their liberty to expose the state for what it is. These are individuals who are not seen as heroes by a great many people. This is because the state has such a strong stranglehold on people. Nevertheless, as they were a cog in the machine, they become disenfranchised by the secrets of the deep state and become convinced that it was vital that the people not be lied to anymore about the atrocities being committed against them and by the state.

Thank you, Daniel Hale!

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