Dear Libertarians For Trump: I Told You So

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I said President Donald Trump would not be a good thing for freedom on any front, and I was completely right.

When Trump announced his run in Manhattan, I called him a flip-flopping statist. His past contradictions made him far less honest than Hillary Clinton, and that’s saying something. I felt his current platform was the lovechild of Nelson Rockefeller and George Wallace. When I consider what the future holds, I see one where the government continues growing, wars are declared, and no real redemptions occur. But, let’s just continue the bragging by reviewing why we are in Orange Hell:

Economic issues

– Expanding the budget at a faster pace than Obama

– Surrendering Obamacare

– Making trade harder

– Working to deny immigrants entry

– Making no regulatory reform

Social issues

– Appointed an anti-marijuana cabinet

– Allowed Rudy Giuliani to be involved with NSA controls

– Preserved the Obama orders on gays regarding private business (suck that, bake-cakers)

– Reversed on criminal justice reform

Foreign policy

– We are bombing Syria

– We are probably going to spend more on defense

– We have no real reforms of merit

So, well… congratulations, libertarians: you got nothing.

Remember, I voted for Gary Johnson, but called Hillary the better option.

Now, I can just make that an issue by issue thing, but there is one valid reason I think we all can agree on: with Trump in office, the GOP doesn’t have a 2020 primary unless he really bombs on a level that makes Jimmy Carter look competent. If Hillary had won, we’d have a moderate Democrat president who’d marginalize the Bernie crowd, which would open the door for someone like Rand Paul to run in 2020. But, we are pretty much stuck with Trump, unless we are willing to work to reform the Libertarian Party, or basically lie and run a libertarian as a Democrat. Thus, not only are we doomed for 2020, but we’re kind of in trouble for 2024, because if Trump wins re-election, Pence will secure the Republican nomination.

Yet, Trump isn’t that awful.

When he won, I thought there would be mass deportations, tariffs at 30%, Rudy Giuliani as Secretary of State, and a ton of other junk which still could happen, but probably won’t. Instead? We have Neil Gorsuch, who, next to Anthony Kennedy, might be the best member of the Supreme Court. We have Rex Tillerson, who is actually qualified to be Secretary of State. We have Paul Ryan, who I actually think is the best Speaker of the House possible right now, who has stopped Trump on bad policies, such as tariffs. We have Mick Mulvaney, who is a qualified pick to run the budget. We also seem to not have an administration doing anything, which is always a good thing.

For that, I give Trump a C-, but that’s still a lot better than what I expected. However, I will use the $100 million worth of deaths in Syria and Obamacare being kept as the law of the land to just do my Nelson Muntz voice and say “Ha! Ha!” to my Trump-backing libertarian friends.

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  1. It’s not as if the other major party candidate was any better. Weld should have been top of ticket.

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