Death of the Duopoly


The arguments and paranoia continue between the remaining Republicans and Democrats.  For some reason, what was once a thundering and doom saying knock down drag out fight to the finish seems to have lost its vim and vigor.  Could this be because they all know that people are on to them?

American voters have been on the trend of independence from the Democratic and Republican parties for the last few decades.  They have finally figured out that the old major parties may speak very differently, but they actually do the same things.  Together, they are responsible for a swollen federal budget, a massive national debt, an unstable world that doesn’t like or trust us, millions of Americans in prison for crimes which harmed no one, a regulatory environment that is so onerous and authoritarian that small business cannot survive it, millions in need of government assistance that they would not need but for the actions of government, an environment which fuels the flames of racism and bigotry, and less hope of a better life for future generations.

The people have also figured out that the only winners in this formula are the financial supporters of the elected officials.

What really cemented the concept of the duopoly in the minds of Americans was the highly unpopular performance of George W. Bush, a Republican, and the election of Barack Obama, a Democrat, who continued the same disastrous policies of war, deficit spending, and growth of Government.  The people finally woke up and saw that there was no difference between these parties with the exception of their rhetoric.

Enter 2016.  The Democrats are about to nominate Hillary Clinton for President.  Ms. Clinton arrived at that opportunity through her marriage to former President Bill Clinton.  Without this marriage, there would have been no way she could possibly attain the highest office in the land.  She is in the same position as George W. Bush, who would never have won the Presidency had he not been the son of a previous president.  This is a scary concept for those who would prefer not to have a small ruling class in the USA, and the people have taken notice.

The Republicans have been so disillusioned with their elected leadership and their corruption and disregard for the proper conduct of responsibilities to which they were elected, that they sought out something different.  Different is what they have!  Donald Trump is the likely Republican Party nominee for President.  Had it not been for the obnoxious and abhorrent conduct and statements of Trump through the primary election cycle, this might have sounded like a refreshing change.  Unfortunately, it was Trump’s racist comments and reprehensible statements against ethnic groups and religions that gained him the nomination with the few remaining Republican voters.

Today, the majority of Americans do not claim to be a supporter of either the Republican Party or the Democratic Party.  Today, America is in the mood for something really different.  Most people do not want war.  Most people do not want their liberties taken away.  Most people would bristle at the concept that the United States is heading in the direction of the old Soviet Union via the entrance of the surveillance state and the continued trouncing of our citizens by government enforcement.  It comes as a surprise to many that we here in the good old stars and stripes USA have implemented 9 out of the 10 planks of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto…  Both parties are equally to blame and the people know it!

It just so happens that in the same year that all of this is finally surfacing in the minds of the average American, and they are seeking something that really represents their interests, the Libertarian Party has nominated a team of experienced and popular former governors…  that were both effective at appealing to their constituents regardless of their political leanings.  Both bucked the trends of authoritarian leadership.  Both reduced the spending in their states.

The Libertarians have nominated Governor Gary Johnson for President and Governor Bill Weld for Vice President.  Governor Johnson actually vetoed 750 bills as Governor of New Mexico, saving the people both financially and from more damage to individual liberty promulgated by government!  Governor Weld furloughed 8000 state workers on his first day in office!  Both supported the rights of the individual.  What is interesting in the timing of this ticket is that the Libertarian Party, formerly not well known, has put up a ticket with more experience than the Republicans and Democrats together.  This was a death blow to the duopoly which was already beginning to self destruct.

Governor Johnson has been quoted many times with the following statement:  “Most Americans are Libertarians… They just don’t know it yet.”  Guess what America?  You are going to know it this year!

What is nice about this opportunity for a resurgence of the personal liberty that was framed by the nation’s founders, and the chance to bring this back by voting for Governors Johnson and Weld, is that with this national recognition of the clear choice for the future of the United States comes the likelihood of coattails in their possible victory.  The Senate and Congress are also likely to look very different in the coming years as well.

The thought of a return to the goal of real individual liberty and a more peaceful world as planned for by great thinkers such as Thomas Jefferson warms my heart.  A Libertarian victory in 2016 would prove that the structure of this nation still works and the people can truly decide the direction we should go.

So… goodbye duopoly!  Welcome back to a free America!

* Steve Kerbel is a businessman, author, and former Libertarian Party candidate for President of the United States.

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Steve Kerbel is a businessman, author, and former Libertarian Party candidate for President of the United States.