Defending The Politically Correct & SJWs: They Aren’t That Bad

politically correct

This is one topic I’ve wanted to avoid. This pro- and anti-politically correct “debate” is, in my opinion, the ultimate debate for people who have too much free time. It’s a contest of seeing who can get the most offended over the most stupid nonsense, and I have opposed it from the beginning.

I’m a libertarian inventor and I dream of making massive amounts of money so I can fly around on an electric-powered jet being served by robots and have it all derive from capitalism and freedom. I want to talk about why it’s idiotic that nuclear power and fracking are so over-regulated. I don’t want to talk about which university had a bunch of SOBs crying over a professor saying something that scared them. I want to talk about why we have over ten million illegal immigrants working their asses off in America, but our awful immigration system renders them second class people. I don’t want to talk about how people are complaining Milo Yihoweveyouspellit decided to gel his hair to look like Johnny Bravo and bash Muslims. I want to talk about why the government has occupational licensing that takes years to get on who can cut my hair when it’s my hair and my decision. I don’t want to talk about whether it’s a good thing that a comic book character is now black or not.

It’s an extremely dumb debate where neither side are totally wrong or totally right, but it’s one I get hammered at me every damn day on social media. I see people from both sides and on both extremes where I just go “Dude… Get a life!” I’m co-founder of a libertarian website, so I should probably get our Facebook audience pissed off and defend the feminist, social justice warriors and politically correct principles; with that, let’s go!

I’m going to begin my defense of the politically correct and the social justice warriors by saying a lot of PC people and SJWs are total and complete dumbasses.

Why do I say this?

Because let us take a real look at some arguments I’ve heard, personally, from these people over the years.

“College students need to be entitled to a safe space on campus away from hate speech and bad people.”

I might have just missed the college years of playing frisbee and beer pong, but what hate speech on campus is really going on, for the most part? Is there some actual big custom in which people are getting into ghost costumes and going “The South shall rise again!”? What the hell are people actually doing? Being drunken teenagers and probably making some natural mistakes once in a blue moon? Come on…

Plus, if someone is going to college and spending money to have an actual experience opposed to living in their mother’s basement and studying on Devry like most Libertarian Party candidates for local office, and the goal is to get a safe space? They are flat-out stupid. People should always seek in life to interact with things they don’t agree with, to learn or grow from it. This nonsense that they should hide from it is exactly why bad ideas come to power to begin with. The best way to counter something is actually approach it in an intelligent manner, be an adult and counter head-on even if it leads to some problems. Just sitting in a room like a child, is idiotic.

“Comic books are these sexist and graphic things. Look how they make Harley Quinn look. It’s so terrible!”

As a mega-comic fan, this was the dumbest piece of shit I’ve ever seen on my newsfeed on Facebook. So much so that the D-bag who posted it blocked me for my response of saying he’s nuts.

Simplest pitch: Harley Quinn should be this ditsy and sexy character who is abused and acts like a moron. It’s her personality. She grew up in a terrible background, became a doctor from likely inappropriate methods and had a breakdown from the Joker who preyed on her weaknesses and made her a slave. She is a great example of abusive relationships. Her being ditsy, large breasted and dress like a slut is absolutely part of her character. Also, in comics such as the Suicide Squad, there’s Harley Quinn dressed in her underwear shooting an RPG and right next to her is Amanda Waller. Amanda Waller is this genius who no one takes advantage of, is never sexualized at all, shops with Hillary Clinton for her pantsuits and is extremely beneficial to the story. These are called personalities. They are based on things people see in everyday life and to deny readers a character such as Harley Quinn is denying the world of telling a very real and common story.

Plus, I’m a man. I have not had any fatty food in a year, I lift weights constantly, on a slow day I bike ten miles and last week biked 40 miles, every day. I do 200 sit-ups a day and this summer swam probably 150+ miles, combined. Do I think Bruce Wayne being jacked as hell, despite rarely being shown working out, is realistic? No, but it’s a fucking comic and I’m not going to complain Bruce Wayne is more ripped than I am the same way I’m not going to complain Harley Quinn was drawn to have breasts larger over her face.

“Women make 25% less than men!”

Okay, this is just total dog-shit, and has been disproved a number of times.

Women with the same experience, who work the same hours, make literally about 1% of what men make. Single women in many regions actually make more than single men. Men work many more manual labor jobs, with higher risks than those of most women. And women oftentimes pick totally bullshit careers.


“Only white men can be racist!”

This is just a ‘what the freaking hell?’

Yes… Blacks can be racist.

Yes… Many, many Muslim people in the third world engage in totally sexist and racist behavior.

Yes… There’s a massive Latin American race war going on between Colombians, Dominicans, Chileans, and Mexicans, which is messed up.

This is the dumbest thing on Earth to say. It is 100% true a lot of racist white men exist, however, every race has some nuts in it. I was told I would not have any money or investors would never take me seriously if I wasn’t white. I find that extremely offensive, and ignores me as an individual. I think it’s disgusting that dialogue like this exists, and it’s bizarre.

“You have white privilege!”

This is something where I’m going to agree with half and disagree with half. I did have privilege growing up. I had a house with seven bedrooms, a pool house, every room had a big screen TV, a pool, I lived on a lake, five cars, two motorcycles and an area with a virtually 0% crime rate. I grew up totally freaking privileged and I’m honestly sorry it couldn’t have been someone else to be the sperm born into that, but it wasn’t.

However, to say it’s due to me being white is a total joke. My father’s grandfather drove a cab for many years and my dad worked pretty damn hard to be a doctor. My mom was the oldest of eight kids whose dad died as a teenager and mom shortly thereafter. I went to a high school which was about a third Hispanic, third black, third white, and in each group a ton of poor people existed. This case we should just say people are not individuals and go on race is insane!

Plus, a very valid point: Indians, Chinese, Japanese and many other Asian American groups all over the country, are on average making way more than white Americans. Should I complain? Oh, for the love of God, no! They worked hard and deserve every cent they have. They have no privilege from their race, in the same way I don’t.

But there’s something important to note.

These are the extremists: These are the dumbasses and not the majority at all.

Guess what most social justice warriors and heavily-PC people want to talk about? It’s this:

  • Why so many people in America today are discriminating against Muslims and raising their kids to be afraid of them.
  • Why black neighborhoods are getting targeted by this insane War on Drugs when studies show white people have the same levels of drug abuse, if not higher.
  • Why people who come from backgrounds making over $50,000 a year are very unlikely to ever be sentenced for any minor crime and go to prison, but those from families making below that, get shipped off to spend their 20s in prison.
  • Why black people literally get 25% longer sentences when they commit the same crimes as white people on average.

The majority of the PC people don’t think white people are evil, don’t want to say what a comic book character should look like, or anything like that. The vast majority are just aware a lot of problems that actually do exist which are real and there should be some focus on discussing them.

And this is where many people will hate me for saying it, but it needs to happen:

America is great in part due to social justice warriors existing.

Two decades ago, the idea of a character being gay on TV was considered too taboo. They’d normally be less of characters and more of just stereotypes to make dumb gay jokes. However, people complained and over time an effort was made to put more gay characters on shows and in film while also giving them more in-depth personalities outside of just being gay. Today, 70% of people in the South who are registered as Republicans and under the age of 30, are pro-gay marriage! Now bigotry in schools is at extreme lows! Now people at younger ages are more accepting and not afraid to come out! It’s a good thing for society and started due to some people complaining and making an effort to be social justice warriors.

And on TV, for many years, women were Carol Bradys. Many characters were these bland and generic people who never took dominance, were depicted normally as housewives or secretaries and didn’t have much personality. Content and people taking risk or just wanting to create a greater sense of balance for the story, changed this. They went out and made shows where women played characters in the lead role and had actual influence. They evolved and this was heavily due to people handling it for the purpose of wanting to make a point on women developing in culture to take more control in business or politics and not in the kitchen.

Countless examples exist with everyone from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho putting a man and woman in the same bed on screen together to more modern examples of people complaining to shows such as Friends about not having any minority characters and them making efforts to change that in later seasons. Many of these things just didn’t happen and didn’t get changed until PC people complained.

Interracial relationships…


Sex before marriage…

Minority rights…

Women’s rights…

Many great things in culture happened due to people seeing a problem in society, complaining and similar to today, making an effort in media and content to cater more to these groups. It worked and the benefits are clear. The world is a better place due to it happening.

This is what the alt-right and the anti-PC or SJW crowd seem to forget. And for that, another statement:

A lot of anti-PC/SJW people are as dumb as they get.

Why do I say that?

The fact that they flat-out ignore the issues!

A lot of people such as Milo Yihehasthejohnnybravocut and others are pressing his false reality that problems apparently don’t exist. But there are clear problems in cultures where women, minorities, and other groups are still getting ripped apart.

African American Community

I’d argue government economic policies make African Americans on average live as a second class citizens. They make far less money, have terrible school choices, are arrested at much higher rates and a lot of white people are racist to them without meaning it. And I’m sad to say this: When I see a black person on a thing such as LinkedIn or whatever, I occasionally get more suspicious if this person is legitimate or not. I, in every fiber, am upset to call that the case, but it’s flat-out true. Call it stereotyping or whatever, but it’s something sad that I shouldn’t do, yet it’s done and I believe many white people also do it.

This community, visibly, does have problems and it needs some serious, serious help from people in politics, media and so on.

Hispanic Americans

Donald Trump rallying a bunch of lunatics to call to deport millions of people who are out picking crops, cleaning clothing and flipping burgers alone shows how cruel people can be.

Arab Americans

Okay, even the most anti-PC people can’t deny that a lot of Americans hate these people for no reason. They are one of the lowest crime rate group of people around with the average American being in far greater odds of being saved by one of the countless doctors, police and nurses of Arab descent, but people are associating them with terror wrongfully.


While I don’t think women have nearly as many issues in the workplace as we lead on, I do think some households create a problem. Many parents are raising daughters to not be independent. They don’t seem to care as much if they go to a good college, get a strong major and many other things expected of a man. A lot of families are just making women weak and raising them to marry a wealthy person. It’s honestly gross.

I think there has been enough ground covered, but it’s time for a final point.

There is nothing wrong with being a little politically correct or a bit of a social justice warrior. Problems exist and the actions of many people to change culture in media, education and policy have undeniably helped this world. And it does get better from here with them. I thank the show Glee for opening up millions to the LGBT. I thank those who complain not enough minorities are on TV, because it does make changes happen and improve culture. I thank the social justice warriors and politically correct.

I also think many of them are nuts.

Yet, for every overly-PC nut sucking his thumb over what a comic book character wore, there’s a Milo Yistupidsunglasses making an ass of himself reacting to them and being stupid. Neither the social justice warriors or the anti-social justice warriors are perfect, but this is the greatest time to be alive in the age of diversity and I thank many of these PC principles for helping it happen.

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