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There is a lot I don’t like about the Democratic Party, but there is something in particular I strongly admire about them. The Democrats are extremely good at putting together a cohesive message with a few simple bullet points and then sticking to it.

There are always a few talking points issued by the DNC that are simplified and easy to understand, and it seems like almost everyone gets on board to talk about them. That is not something you see in such an organized manner amongst the other political parties.

You can find some unified messaging amongst the Libertarian Party, but because of the independent nature of members, it’s pretty rare that a simplified unified message is parroted by all the public figures, like the Democrats, and the GOP doesn’t do nearly as good a job, either.

A significant part of the new Democrat talking points right now revolves around a “New Deal” sort of plan that lets anyone who wants to work on public government projects for a minimum of $15 per hour.

I’m simplifying things here, but this is the plan in a nutshell: Anyone who wants or needs a job can make $15 per hour and receive a full benefits package, including healthcare. All Americans will be guaranteed a good job in the utopian vision of the Democratic Party. We can expect to hear this message get louder as we move into the 2020 elections when the vast majority of Democrats running for office will tout this plan as the Democrats that are already in office back them up.

There are motivations beyond the appealing message of guaranteeing work for anyone that wants it. The socialist wing of the Democratic Party has long wanted to control wages, healthcare, and create additional dependence on government for sources of income.

If introducing a $15 per hour minimum wage isn’t gaining enough traction, then they create a guaranteed wage paid by the government that forces private employers to raise wages in order to compete for employees. It’s odd that the Democrats are demonstrating knowledge that competition in the marketplace drives wages. It’s like admitting that capitalism works while trying to introduce more socialism. It’s an odd disconnect, unless you look at it from the perspective that the socialists have a darker agenda of seeking control and power.

This isn’t about guaranteeing jobs. It’s about moving ever closer to controlling all aspects of society. There are many affects this plan will have on the economy, how people view the government, and how much control the government gains over people.

Firstly, the same effects derived from an increase in the minimum wage will occur as private companies compete to retain employees. Private employers will have to pay at least $15 per hour and/or increase and enhance benefits to match what people can get working for the government.

As the cost of hiring people goes up, many businesses hire fewer people initially, and force more people into working for the government.

After wages settle, and the entire wage scale moves up, the cost of all goods and services goes up by a roughly equivalent amount to wages, such that inflation has caused the cost of living to match what people were making before.

So, we caused all this harm and havoc in order for people to really have the same amount of spending power that they had before. Except that now we have a huge number of people that depend on the government for their wages.

The government can either raise taxes to pay for this plan, or they can do what they do most often with a fiat currency and simply create more funds out thin air. Both are likely to happen, increasing the national debt load and raising inflation to a more rapid pace. I suppose they wonder “what’s another few trillion dollars in debt as long as more people depend upon and feed off the system so that they can control them.”

The ranks of government employees under this plan will expand to enormous levels.

As government represents a hugely significant part of the economy, people will rankle at the thought of any changes that would jeopardize their reliance upon and position within the government. The government and socialists become more powerful and gradually take over managing society. If you think this is far-fetched, do the math.

If people can hold a completely secure job and can never really lose a job no matter what their performance, how many people will take those jobs? Will it represent a third of all jobs? How about 50%?  If everyone is guaranteed a job, then many people have little motivation to look elsewhere. These jobs aren’t all going to be only $15 per hour. Some will be at various levels of management, and mark my words that that guaranteed wage will continually increase.

If government only controls 25% of jobs in the marketplace, then they hold enough power to significantly control what happens. It’s an authoritarian dream that only gets better for the socialists. They already made huge strides over control as they convinced the American public that the wealthy don’t pay their fair share. Now, the top 15% pay 80% of all the income taxes. That 15% does not represent a lot of voters, and the other 85% are less inclined to vote for people who might desire to flatten taxes out. And, if the amount of people dependent on the government swells so greatly, it’s almost a free ticket to win most elections from here on out.

My sincere hope is that in 2020, people will recognize this plan for guaranteed jobs for what it is – a takeover of individual liberty.

Guaranteed jobs are highly appealing to many people, and it’s easy for people to get caught up in what it could mean for them personally. Who wouldn’t want to have guaranteed pay and guaranteed job security? Hopefully, people will recognize the long term implications in order to ignore any short term personal gains, and people will recognize the dire consequences of handing over such a huge amount of control over jobs and the economy to the government.

Takeover by government authoritarians rarely comes in the form of outward obvious aggression. It is usually gift wrapped and cloaked in some sort of guarantees for a free lunch. It’s all a lie. Socialists want to control you and your life, and this is their new grand scheme to accomplish the goal.

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Danny Chabino

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