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On Thursday, ex-FBI Director James Comey took to Capitol Hill to testify before Congress about the ongoing Trump-Russia “scandal.” Democrats did not have a good time of it either.

Over 19 million people tuned in as mainstream news outlets such as CNN and NBC streamed it live. It was anticipated to be the moment of confirmation for the left’s allegations that have been swirling around Trump the past six months. On the right, though, it was supposed to be the vindication the Republicans have long been waiting for. Which side ended up being the winner, you ask? Unfortunately, yet unsurprisingly, after all was said and done, both sides came away still clinging to their preconceived biases, regardless of what was said in the testimony. Although tiresome to those of us impartial on the matter, it did provide several notable insights, both good and bad.

Thursday’s charade helped solidify the notion from libertarians that the right and left are one in the same. As if watching both parties trip over themselves as they quietly teeter-tottered with their love-hate relationship for Comey during the past few months wasn’t enough. Try as they might to deny this sobering reality, though, Comey’s testimony provided more than enough evidence.

Unfortunately, the bad comes as the realization that the past is repeating itself. We were forced to endure Republicans mindlessly yammering about Obama’s birth certificate and “Muslim” background for eight years while the left venerated itself as the party of truth, incessantly pointing out the total lack of any shred of evidence. Yet, as of Thursday, we now see the exact same grandstanding from the right as Comey’s testimony showed the Russia allegations contain precisely the same amount of evidence as the Obama birther stories. Simultaneously, Democrats are needlessly clinging to a story so baseless and idiotic, it’s on its way to make the birther movement look mundane. Meanwhile, anyone not caught up in the denigration could have honestly concluded this to be the end of the story, but as history and politics have shown us, no matter how inane an accusation turns out to be, it can be kept alive with repetitive propaganda. We should expect this case to be no different.

With Republicans and Democrats drowning themselves out in a sea of lunacy, however, we can focus on the positive takeaway of the event, which is that, sooner or later, regardless of what either party does, people will wake up to the fact that they are opposite sides of the same, incompetent coin. Both parties can’t help but prop up fools time and again, and then shoot themselves in the foot as they attempt to save face for their inadequacies. Whether that be an eloquent speaker whose omnibus healthcare plan sunk faster than the Titanic, or a real-estate mogul who is showing an ability to single-handedly ruin international relations through itchy Twitter-fingers.

For those of us with the ability to objectively deduce the truth in these matters, we see that fact with each new revelation. Obama, as it turns out, was not a foreign-born Muslim bent on selling out America’s interests. Rather, he was simply a dishonest, bungling stooge, who continued the trend of a failing foreign policy, a broken healthcare system, and carelessly added to our overwhelming debt. Likewise, Trump is not a Manchurian candidate for Putin. Rather, he is simply an ill-mannered, inexperienced narcissist, who will further antagonize our broken foreign policy, fail to fix our healthcare system, and continue turning a blind-eye towards our insurmountable debt.

In the end, as much as either side tries to hide it, each time an event like this occurs it further reveals the frail, inefficient characters behind the curtain, fumbling to keep the sham in Oz – I mean D.C. – alive. And although the testimony failed to materialize as the perceived second coming, as neither the rapture nor salvation for either party, it did prove to be a tiny glimmer of hope for those of us looking for evidence as to why a change independent of the two-party system is not only indispensable, but inevitable, which makes us the real winners in this calamity.

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Thomas J. Eckert

Thomas J. Eckert is the Managing Editor of Think Liberty and Copy Editor for Being Libertarian. With a passion for politics, he studies economics and history and writes in his spare time on political and economic current events. He is a self-described voluntarist.


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