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Dixon: Republicans Weak Kneed; Clintons Used Quid Pro Quo

On the latest edition of Being Libertarian Presents, Andy Craig interviewed Chuck Dixon, who is one of the creators of the graphic novel version of Clinton Cash, and has a long history working in comics. In the beginning in the interview, they discussed the corruption that the Clintons deal with, that was an inspiration for the original book and the graphic novel iteration.

Then they discussed the uniqueness of paid speeches, and Dixon noted that paid speeches by presidents go down the further they go from their former presidency, but Bill Clinton’s has been going up as Hillary is gaining newer positions of power, rather than declining.

Dixon accused the Clintons of “quid pro quo corruption,” which is illegal. They discussed the idea that it could be other countries and people trying to buy their safety and amnesty via speeches. Dixon questioned that if there was any actual legal explanation as to how it wasn’t quid pro quo, and wonders how they’ve avoided the charges thus far.

One thing that Dixon noted was that the Secretary of State has a tremendous amount of influence and power in “commercial dealings,” in other countries and at home, which leaves open a lot of sketchy possibilities for corruption.

Dixon asserted that Republicans have “shown themselves to be very weak kneed” in getting things done, when asked about if Clinton would get impeached as president if she won. He noted the failure last time the Republicans tried to push for an impeachment.

He pointed out that an estimate of only roughly 10% of the donations going to the Clinton Foundation “actually goes to a charitable effort,” and also stated that there isn’t a way to stop the foundation from collecting money if she’s elected, as the Clintons lied to Obama about how much they took in, and about the email server.

Most of the rest of the interview dealt with both their predictions on how these issues will influence Clinton, which both thought that all of these issues would harm her greatly and create a cloud of questions going into the election, and then for the rest of her presidency if she won.

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