Do you have the right to destroy your cat?


In a post on Bleeding Heart Libertarians, property right were discussed in the context of being a ‘collection of rights’. In demonstrating this, they used the example of a cat. How you can own a cat, but not destroy it?

My question is that if you can’t destroy the cat (which I agree with – don’t hurt cats!), then do you really own it, or do you only maintain a sort of custodial right over it (i.e. the right to take care of it while it can’t take care of itself)?

To hear me discuss this further watch this video here.

At the end I use this logic to argue for a free market in child adoption.

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Alex Merced is a latino libertarian activist. Alex also runs the AlexMercedCast Podcast, LibertarianWingMedia,com, and is an active member of the Libertarian Party. Alex Merced is currently running for the U.S. Senate seat in New York against Chuck Schumer in 2016.

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