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I’m not sure if you’re a Doctor Who fan, but recently they had a two part episode that everyone everywhere should watch, especially now.

The two part episodes are called the Zygon Invasion and Zygon Inversion respectively. In a previous episode the Doctor had helped the Zygons find a home on Earth among the humans, but a handful of Zygons, resentful of having to hide their true identity and not having a home of their own, rebel against this peace. These Zygons represent a dangerous minority among a race that just wants to live their life in peace (sounds familiar).

The two episodes climax with a amazing speech delivered brilliantly by Peter Capaldi, who currently plays the Doctor. Watching this spoils a few things so if you’re a Doctor Who fan watch the full episodes. For the rest of you watch it and be blow away.

Watch it Here:

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Alex Merced is a latino libertarian activist. Alex also runs the AlexMercedCast Podcast, LibertarianWingMedia,com, and is an active member of the Libertarian Party. Alex Merced is currently running for the U.S. Senate seat in New York against Chuck Schumer in 2016.


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