Election Year: The Battle For America

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It’s the election year, 2020, and it’s shaping up to be a battle of epic proportions. A veritable Clash of the Titans. But who will win, and where will it leave the American people? Will we, as told in the tales of mythology, rise to become a new pantheon of greatness, or will we suffer the fate of the children of Cronos, and be eaten by our leader?

The election and the vast divergence between the two most prominent candidates leave America with a Grand Canyon-sized rift between the left and the right. Trump, the incumbent, and the most popular likely challenger, Sanders are as different as two candidates could possibly be, but the supporters of each are equally rabid. Not just in support of their candidate, but in their hatred of the opposition.

The election has gone well past the ideology of choosing the best person for the job, we now have a battle of my side vs your side. The goal of winning is no longer doing what’s best for America, it is now about gloating rights. “We won!”, “We are better than you!” “All of you dumb, gun-loving rednecks!” on one side, or you “Dirty communists!” on the other. That’s what politics in America has become, and that’s the Titanomachy we are witnessing this year.

The impeachment served to strengthen Trump’s support and the debacle in Iowa empowered Bernie’s followers. Meanwhile, the divide between us common folk continues to grow. Big money is at work behind all the candidates and it seems there is at least one other Titan in the background in this battle with its own agenda, the DNC. It would appear that Bernie is not the candidate of choice for that primordial parent. This leaves us heading into the election with the right versus left Titans dividing the American people, and the primordial Democratic National Committee operating again with its own agenda.

It’s only February, this battle will escalate, with thunderbolts rivaling those of Zeus being cast by both sides. The name-calling, finger-pointing, anger, and division between Americans will continue. Finally, in November, a champion will be chosen and the name-calling, finger-pointing, anger, and division will intensify, and the gloating will be unbearable.

Where does the outcome of this battle of the Titans leave us, we the people? Every election year we elect either a republican or a democrat, and what changes? Besides the divide between Americans growing, does the deficit shrink? Is our tax system drastically changed? Do the wars end?

Based on all my years on this earth I’m going to say that’s a hard, NO. Nothing ever significantly changes no matter which party is in the White House. So essentially, no matter which side wins this November we’re all going to be eaten. And the battle rages on.