What We Need To Realize About Johnson & Weld

johnson and weld

You need to be grateful for what these men are doing.

No, that’s seriously all I want to write.

This is an election where the Democrats and the GOP have produced the two weakest candidates in a generation and they are honestly upset that they couldn’t nominate a 35 year old with no name recognition or a flip-flopping tech mogul that likely killed someone while on drugs.

They are crying that they can’t get a ticket to go on national TV and talk about why heroin should be legal or why drivers’ licenses should be abolished. They are upset they can’t get two guys who have so little importance that they can’t chat with on Facebook at 3 am with like the other candidates. They are upset that they can’t book their nominees on the podcast with under 100 viewers a show right now.

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They are upset libertarianism is about to be made mainstream.

There have been several big events for this election with regards to the Libertarian Party in terms of media.

The first was the John Stossel debate on Fox Business.

The second was Gary Johnson and Bill Weld being made the third party nominees.

The third was the recent CNN town hall event.

From all of this I’ve heard two reactions.

The first is from libertarians. It goes something like:

“Man, Gary Johnson really sucks. The dude won’t get rid of the Civil Rights Act!”

The second is from average people.

And these are the reactions I’ve been getting:

“I saw the Stossel debate you told me to watch. I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson if it’s Trump vs. Clinton.” – some non-libertarian friend of mine

“I know Bill Weld, he was my governor when I lived in Massachusetts in the 90s. I’ll be voting for him.” – some guy I was speaking to casually after swimming

“I saw Gary Johnson on an interview yesterday. If the man has a chance, I’ll probably vote for him.” – guy I met on plane while leaving the Orlando convention

I’ve known Gary Johnson for years now. I’ve been his advocate since 2010 when I first heard the name surface. I’ve gotten to know Bill Weld recently as well having been a Wyoming delegate at the Orlando conversion with him also attending. I’ve gotten to know and like both men and have seen firsthand them in the last month obtain more fundraising, interviews and positive PR over any member of the liberty movement in its history. This in some areas includes them beating Ron Paul.

This negativity just derives from the Libertarian Party wanting to be that alternative music label that they abandon when regular people begin to watch it.

Just to show how many things the libertarian party had to give up, let’s point out the big issues where Gary might not be a perfect libertarian:

  • He’s not willing to eliminate an established five decade old law in the Civil Rights Act because of a cake.
  • He’s not willing to get rid of drivers’ licenses.
  • He’s not willing to legalize the sale of heroin to minors.
  • He’s not willing to completely eradicate things that’d cause economic destruction in the near term and instead opts for gradual phase-outs.
  • He’s not willing to blindly join Ron Paul in this gold bug curse so he can scam people into buying overpriced gold coins such as Peter Schiff.
  • He’s not willing to say he’d completely abolish welfare or social security right away (John McAfee agreed with him on this).

There you go; those are the big issues that I’ve seen mentioned regarding Gary Johnson. However, here’s the good stuff:

  • They want borderline laissez faire
  • They want legalization of marijuana and elimination of criminal sentences on non-violent crimes altogether.
  • They want to cut spending 30% overnight and progressively cut spending over the course of their term.
  • They want to end nearly all foreign aid and the 700+ overseas bases.
  • They want to end the NSA and Patriot Act.
  • They are two governors with A+ ratings from the NRA.
  • They have called to end the income tax/corporate taxes and replace it with a sales tax that holds the goal of getting smaller and smaller overtime.

They are literally almost perfectly libertarian… Seriously, I took the I Side With quiz and scored 90+% with all libertarians and they all had a 3% difference between them with Johnson and Perry tied for first.

Look, there’s no problem here. They are perfectly libertarian and they agree, but let me just point out how stupid the Libertarian Party is:

“Petersen! McAfee! Perry! Anybody But Gary!”

Let me explain how stupid in a nutshell that slogan was being chanted by anti-Gary libertarians.

Darryl Perry, who is a great guy, is an anarchist.

Austin Petersen has outright, on numerous occasions, made fun of anarchists and called them the death of the movement.

People were literally chanting for both of them despite the fact that if someone supports Austin Petersen, they likely agree far more with Gary Johnson over Darryl Perry. Why? Because they can make up their mind on believing in government or not.

Next up, they backed John McAfee.

Let me explain something about McAfee. I interviewed the man a whomping two days after he announced his chairman run and was on a Google Hangout with him for hours. The dude didn’t know what libertarian even was until he announced he was running.

He was saying he’d call for a government program to pay all unneeded federal workers to go work for startups for free.

He said privatizing roads is the dumbest idea he has ever heard of.

He didn’t know what the non-aggression principle was.

He said he’d keep and preserve Medicare and social security for those currently on it.

The man, while still being a guy I agree with a lot, visibly wasn’t that libertarian, or at least about as libertarian as Gary Johnson. Yet he is getting cheered on by the crowd saying Gary is death!

Does any person actually believe John McAfee or Austin Petersen wouldn’t have royally fucked up as the nominees?

Austin Petersen, with nearly a complete year of running for president, had his biggest interview be on CNN acting as a surrogate for Gary Johnson and saying why he supports him. And I like Austin a lot, but the dude would have never gotten a nickel to the dollar of media Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are getting now.

John McAfee is just a completely different story. He’d get media! Media showing a guy on the ballot in all 50 states getting dragged in handcuffs for beating up a crack whore he met at a deli who got pissed at him for paying him in his penny stock and not drugs. The guy, while very cool, would have been a complete and total humiliation to us that the LP would have never recovered from. Literally, the guy who most people know on the account they think he’s a murdering psychopath is your idea of a good ticket? I’m at my brother’s graduation dinner talking to my dad and two family friends mentioning McAfee. They go “Yeah, it’s a shame that guy isn’t in jail. You have enough money and you get to do anything.” That’s literally the image these people believe can freaking work?

Right now, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are breaking double digits. Jill Stein isn’t, due to her low name recognition and lack of credibility as just being a doctor. The ‘Governor’ label and the ability to get real media is why they are doing so well and will continue to do so well. However, the libertarians are quite frankly just scared of this growth and making a bigger fuss about Planned Parenthood not being the first on the agenda to get cut when they have two guys running and doing well saying they’d cut hundreds of billions from the bloated defense budget.

Right now, I am ranting and I’m going to rant some more.

I ran for Chairman of the Libertarian Party and I pledged to not show my biases until that race ended. Thank the freaking lord that race ended, because not being able to bash this childish nature in the LP was giving me a brain tumor. It was literally a hammer to my head every freaking time I heard some moron bash Gary Johnson over something as stupid as a Nazi cake. I was just sitting there going “Oh, you mean supporting a five decade old law with absolutely zero impact on culture, employment rates or anything of relevance. I’m sorry he doesn’t want to go get politically panned by the 99% of people who like the civil rights act and won’t go bash him. Sorry!” And I had to keep my tongue bleeding with the desire to do it.

And with that, I’m done. I’ve said what I’ve had to say here. Johnson/Weld 2016!!!

The only rational ticket. The only ticket on all 50 states with candidates who believe in their actual platform. Only guys who are for cutting spending, legalizing marijuana, deregulation, being nice to immigrants, free trade, not going to war every freaking generation and more… If people want to sit around and be upset they support the Civil Rights Act, fine. I’ll tell them to go out, complain they are terrible for that and watch Hillary Clinton make it so we bomb Iran in 2017. If people are upset Johnson/Weld can’t give them everything they want all the time, I’ll go tell them fine. Tell them go and sit back as Donald Trump deports twenty million people in poverty who just want to pick our crops. If however you want a serious ticket that’s ready to defend freedom and can win, vote for Johnson/Weld.

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