Fifth Grader Killed After School Fight

Credit: Clemential Nelson, @mentnelson

Tragedy struck the small town of Walterboro, South Carolina on Monday, 25 March when 10 year old Raniya Wright was left unconscious after a classroom fight. She died yesterday, on 27 March.

The Colleton County School District has released very limited information about the incident, but has revealed that no weapons were involved, and another fifth grade student has been suspended while the incident is investigated further. The student has not been arrested. The Colleton County Superintendent released a statement mourning the loss of the young community member.

“Raniya was a wonderful student. She loved to write, spend time with her friends, play basketball and loved being a big sister. She was actively involved in her church as a junior usher. She will be greatly missed by her family, friends, and the entire school community.”

An autopsy has been scheduled for tomorrow to determine the cause of death.

Clementia Nelson, a resident of nearby Varnville, cared enough to publish images of a makeshift memorial placed outside the Walterboro school, raising awareness of the sense of loss the community feels. The memorial, lovingly erected by the local community and fellow classmates, features stuffed animals, balloons, flowers, and canddles.

A memorial GoFundMe campaign has been opened to assist the Wright family and is filled with heartfelt, sympathetic messages. The campaign can be found here.

School tragedies are often politicized as soon as they happen. But politics cannot undo what has been done, or alleviate the emotional pain afflicting the Walterboro community. It will not help. To assist the family, please consider donating to Raniya’s memorial fund.

Photo credit: Clemential Nelson, @mentnelson

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