Former Libertarian VP: Voting LP Is A ‘Wasted Vote’


“Trump is going to win this thing and I don’t care what any poll says, this is Brexit […] he’s a middle finger to the United States government,” says former Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root on this edition of Being Libertarian Presents.

Michael Brokamp’s interview of Root covered a wide range of topics, including the libertarian argument for Trump, the hypocrisies of the left, Wikileaks, the media, conspiracy, and democracy.

In terms of Trump, Root proposed a hypothetical, saying “let’s just make believe. [Clinton] is a Republican woman running for president. She believes in lowering taxes, less regulations, repealing Obamacare, and building a wall. I love her. And now we unearth a videotape or an audiotape of her eleven years ago saying I love men, I’ll have sex with every man in the entirety of America, in fact I’ll have sex with 50 of them at once. Would I stop supporting that Hillary Clinton that who believes in the same [things] as me? You’re damn right I would not.”

On the polls and regarding Trump, Root says that “every person I speak to is for Trump, they just whisper it they don’t want anyone to know. And I’m telling you I can’t find anyone that proudly supports Hillary Clinton. And they try to tell me that Hillary is winning and Trump’s campaign is collapsing. I think they doth protest too much.”

Talking about his views of libertarianism, “I’m not a Libertarian as in big L Libertarian Party anymore” because the party can’t go anywhere in his view, and it is a wasted vote in a two party system. He noted that he has had major problems with both the Libertarian Party and the Republican Party.

The rest of the interview can be heard above, I hope that you enjoy it.

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