Fusion To Hold Libertarian Presidential Forum



Fusion will be hosting a one-hour forum with Libertarian presidential ticket, former New Mexico Governor and presidential candidate Gary Johnson and former Massachusetts governor and vice presidential candidate William Weld. The forum, which will air on Fusion at 8:00 PM EST on August 17th, will be be moderated by Jorge Ramos and Alicia Menendez. A wide range of contributors and correspondents for the network will also be participating including Dan Lieberman, Kimberly Brooks, Alaa Basatneh, Natasha del Toro, among others. The town hall will focus on topics which include criminal justice, immigration reform, climate change, income inequality and various other topics. In addition to it’s primetime airing, the forum will also stream live on Fusion.net

CNN have hold two Libertarian town halls/forums this year and in addition to the announced Fusion forum, John Stossel will be hosting his own Libertarian town hall which will air on FOX Business Network on August 26th.

In other Gary Johnson news, it was recently reported that former WWE superstar, Kane (no, we aren’t talking about Tim Kaine), endorsed Gary Johnson’s 2016 campaign for president. We can now report that another WWE superstar has joined the fray. Goldust, a former multiple time Tag Team & Intercontinental champion and WWE mainstay since the mid 1990s was approached by TMZ Sports at LAX airport where he was asked if he Trump’s prior involvement with the company would have any effect on his vote. To this the WWE legend proclaimed:

“It does not affect my vote at all and I’m not going to vote for Trump for sure, or Clinton. I’ll be going third party, Johnson. Hopefully he can get into the debates because they’re [Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump] terrible.”

Gary Johnson has an extensive list of celebrity endorsements which include former Nirvana co-founder, Krist Novoselic, comedian Joe Rogan and The Price Is Right host Drew Carey.

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