Gary Johnson announced as Libertarian Party Nominee


After a long memorial weekend convention, the Libertarian party has voted for who they will want as the presidential candidate. It has been a riveting nomination process with John McAfee, Marc Allan Feldman, Kevin McCormick, Darryl Perry, and Austin Peterson vying for the nomination. Along with Vermin Supreme offering his usual Pony Utopia we have come to know and love. Gary Johnson has been nominated for the Libertarian Party presidential candidacy for the 2016 election with 55% of the vote.  This will make Gary Johnson the Libertarian Party candidate for two presidential elections in a row.

Gary Johnson has lately polled at 10% from the Morning Consult, one of the very few polls to include third party candidates . His name recognition being vital to achieve the goal of 15% of the vote in order to qualify for inclusion to presidential debates. Gary Johnson was the 29th Governor of New Mexico between 1995 to 2003. He is running on the Libertarian ticket with his vice presidential pick, William Weld the 68th Governor of Massachusetts between 1991 to 1997.

This makes him the only candidate so far that has been officially endorsed one of the three largest parties in the United States of America. Allowing Gary Johnson more time to effectively position himself against the presumptive Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton, and the presumptive Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. This election will be a vital one for Libertarians, as it is quite evident the country immensely dislikes Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. So it will be interesting to see how the election turns out this November. However this could be slightly tricky with the ballot access issue currently existing in Ohio. Perhaps the Libertarian Party can have a bit more pressure able to be exerted with Gary Johnson to allow ballot access to return in Ohio this election.

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