Gary Johnson Searches For Lost Skiers After Avalanche

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Having remained fairly quiet since his 2018 senatorial campaign, former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, made local news last week by dashing in to rescue skiers who had been trapped by an avalanche in the Taos Ski Valley. The two were descending Kachina Peak, one of the area’s most challenging slopes, and patrols had used explosive devices earlier to reduce the likelihood of an avalanche, making the event quite the shock.

Johnson happened to be hiking near the area when he and dozens of other skiers witnessed those who were trapped by the snow, and proceeded to search for 45 minutes with 10-foot poles. Recognizing the urgency of the matter, the Governor told KOAT, “You go all the way to the ground and you make sure, because if you pass over somebody who’s underneath the snow, there’s not going to be another pass.”

The skiers were found and taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, one did pass away because of his injuries and the other is currently in critical condition.

The former Libertarian Party presidential candidate was very emotional in his interview, explaining in near tears, “Hundreds of skiers to look for these guys and when we found them, they were gone,” and at one point realized that it could have easily been him who was buried under snow, saying, “We’re all together and we’re all recognizing we could be the victim underneath this, so let’s find them.”

This isn’t the first time that Gary Johnson has jumped in to help people during their time of need.

During his 2016 campaign, he helped a couple in Concord, New Hampshire, move a dresser they were struggling to get out of their car. Johnson’s ground operations director, Tom Mahon, wrote, “Pull into Concord for a presser and a rally a little early. Before I can get my wallet out to pay for the meter, Gary jumps out of the car to address a couple parked adjacent.”

Johnson continues to embody the values of voluntary interaction and helping out your fellow man. That is essential to libertarian philosophy.

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