Dr. Bob Fitrakis: Fighting Media Bias, Voter Fraud, Corruption


Being Libertarian’s Alon Ganon recently interviewed Dr Robert Fitrakis about his bid for the prosecutor in Franklin County as a member of the Green Party. During the interview, Dr. Fitrakis was discussed along with the mass Medias effort to exclude third parties from the political process. In addition, Dr. Fitrakis spoke about his position on black lives matter, surveillance, and the decriminalization of drugs.


Black lives matter

Dr. Fitrakis spoke about his belief that Black lives matter is a worthwhile activism movement. He spoke about the recent s police shooting for Tyre King (13, 5’1, 100 pounds) as an example. The police said he, the victim, had a bb gun that look like a real gun. When the police told him to stop, he pulled the bb gun on the cop and was shot dead. The independent coroner looked at the situation and said he was shot in the back, most likely running away. Furthermore, there was no bb gun produced. A witness said the police officer was using the “N” word and the police officer involved has been involved in 4 shootings- killing 2 different people. Instances like this are far too prevalent for according to Dr. Fitrakis. He states that police statics assert that black youths are 34 times more likely to be shot by cops. He compared this to an epidemic and says that it would be no different than if Jews were being targeted.

Mainstream Bias

He went on to further elucidate about the mainstream news media. He famously remarked that he “doesn’t care for fox news, but he really can’t stand Msnbc.” He believes that Msnbc is a mouth piece for the DNC. And that this election has exposed the way the news media controls the narrative to reinforce the policies of the 1% or oligarchs. Bernie Sanders was criticizing the DNC for what he thought was unfair treatment. Only to later be proven correct by wikileaks from the DNC which should it did indeed collude with Hillary Clinton to steal the nomination.  It doesn’t end there, Dr. Fitrakis says that there was evidence of heavy voter fraud and election rigging. Hence, the reason he champions the use of open source software for election monitoring. He also discusses the way the mainstream media colludes with the two party system to effectively keep out third parties like Libertarians and Greens.

The New Tammney Hall

He compared the one party monopoly in local Ohio politics to the notorious political machine Tammany hall. Dr. Fitrakis explains that when you have that sort of power, politics become a game about money. “Zack Klien” he exclaims, “spent a million dollars on his campaign for prosecutor.”  When that sort of money is raised, people expect something in return.

Drug War

If elected, Dr. Fitrakis, plans to use his position to effectively decriminalize drugs. He believes that the drug war was an obvious failure and criminalizing drugs does more harm than good. If he were elected prosecutor, he would avoid sentencing drug users. He would focus his position mainly on targeting violent offenders and abuses by government officials for things like unjust surveillance.

The interview in it’s entirety can be heard here as there is far more covered than the summary:

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