Hillary Clinton and the Fall of Feminism


There is something I find admirable about feminism. In the Marxist study of power relations, especially historical power relations, there are imbalances between economic classes, between races, and between genders. The dormancy of our culture on the epidemic of sexual assault sounds more like something from Orwell than reality. In the third world the sex trade industry is hell on Earth for its victims – predominantly women.

Sadly, feminism is suffering from a decline in moral authority. As a movement fueled by empowering the marginalized, these people were eerily silent on the Clintons’ bloodshed in the Islamic world.

As a result of Clinton’s brutal war crimes in Libya – allying with misogynist terrorists – there has been a massive loss of life along with the complete erosion of women’s rights in one of the few countries in that part of the world that can talk about women’s rights. Her continued support and arms dealing in Saudi Arabia, using those weapons for genocide in Yemen – procuring those
weapons after generous donations to the Clinton Foundation, it would suffice to say Clinton is one of the most nasty, heinous, and disgusting persons to have ever run for president. Clinton has wrought unfathomable suffering.

Never before have I seen so great a forfeiture of ethics than I did with the rise of Hillary Clinton. Never before have I encountered person after person, feminist after feminist, out themselves as supporters of a woman who is legally complicit in genocide and guilty of war crimes. I’ve never before seen such concern for a white woman, coupled with such disregard for non-white women in Libya. They would articulate such nonsense that a woman ought to be president – and, admittedly, it’s long overdue – but not at the cost of genocide in Yemen.

There’s footage of bombs being dropped on Doctors Without Borders hospitals, and these people are undeterred. Mothers are watching their children starving to death, because Saudi airstrikes have taken out the capacity to deliver food; and one would think this would give a feminist Clinton-supporter pause, and in that case one would be thinking incorrectly.

hillary-clinton-dont-even-cartoonI remember the piercing words of my grade eleven human sciences teacher, Madame Charlebois, when we were studying the atrocities in Germany, Rwanda, and Yugoslavia.

She said that we would be fools to think that it couldn’t happen again, and that seemingly educated people can be wrapped up in a political frenzy overlooking great evil. I arrogantly scoffed, which is my default setting, but 2016 was the year nearly all of those close to me knowingly supported villainous barbarism. It really felt like 1984, where I was surrounded by those ecstatically chanting for the established state. I would try to reason with these people and they didn’t care.

Passionate feminists just weren’t moved. For the most part, on a subjective individual basis, I found them woefully ignorant of the events in the Middle East and assumed once they had familiarized themselves with the horrors and Clinton’s involvement, they would relinquish their support. Shockingly, after they came to grips with it, they pressed on with their support. They were enamoured with a powerful woman, and ethics was the sacrificial lamb to their ideological slaughter. Their rapturous frenzy omitted even the most basic human decency.

Feminism, as a movement with moral authority, is dead. They can no longer preach about the suffering of the disenfranchised. The didn’t listen to the howling cries in Libya and they ignored
the tears of mothers in Yemen; how can they expect the rest of us to listen to them? They had one question to answer: ‘Do they support the genocide candidate?’ It was a softball with a slow-pitch, and they choked.

Feminists have failed the children of Yemen, and the women of Libya. The rise of Hillary has been the fall of feminism, and the failure of feminism.

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Brandon Kirby

Brandon Kirby has a philosophy degree with the University of New Brunswick. He works for a Cayman Island hedge fund service firm, owns a real estate company, and has been in the financial industry since 2004. He is the director of Being Libertarian - Canada. He is a member of the People’s Party of Canada and the Libertarian Party of Canada.