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Message to my Friends in the American Media

This is What an Ideal Trump Cabinet Looks Like

Indications are that the outsider President-Elect Donald Trump is eyeing a bunch of establishment candidates for cabinet positions, but there’s still time to install a quality lineup. Trump should dissolve the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, Education, and the Small Business Administration. Here are my humble recommendations for the other open spots.

Department of State

Secretary: Ron Paul

We need someone at the State Department who understands that not everyone in the world likes being indiscriminately drone-bombed. Quite the opposite of the isolationist nay-sayers, Paul would provide a friendly and logical approach to international relations and that should return respect to the US on a world stage.

Department of the Treasury

Secretary: Peter Schiff

One of the only prognosticators to envision the housing bubble and subsequent crash, Peter Schiff is a brilliant economic mind and advocate of sound money. No doubt, he would move us away from fiat currency and tantalizingly close to a return to the gold standard or open the economy up to monetary competition.

Department of Defense

Secretary: Rand Paul

No presidential candidate understood the US role in the world more completely than Rand Paul. Not willing to carpet-bomb entire populations of people because some of them might be terrorists, and cognizant that defense doesn’t mean intervention, Paul would straighten up the military and return the focus to defense.

Supreme Court Justice

Justice: Andrew Napolitano

With brilliance and bombastic flair, The Judge cites the Constitution like he wrote it and isn’t afraid of challenging the establishment. No, the Constitution isn’t a living document. It’s the law, and it’s from where the Congress and president derive their authority. Without it, they don’t have authority, so their consistent disregard for the document is self-destructive. Judge Napolitano would help restore the Court to some level of legitimacy after the horrific decisions the last couple years.

Department of Homeland Security

Secretary: Edward Snowden

True homeland security would involve protecting the people from terrorists from abroad and from within the government itself. With an eye toward eliminating the department altogether, Trump should first pardon Snowden — the whistleblower who leaked the National Security Agency wiretapping story — and then make him secretary of the whole department.

Department of the Interior

Secretary: Warren Meyer

I’m as libertarian as they come, but I have a soft place in my heart for the national parks, which are run by the Department of the Interior. It’s difficult to imagine a legitimate role for the federal government maintaining parks, but they are superlative embodiments of the greatness of the country. Unfortunately, they’re run poorly, just like all government programs. I would transition them to a privatized system to ensure their sustainability. Warren Meyer has done a lot of work on this through his campaign of Park Privatization.

Department of Health and Human Services

Secretary: John Mackey

Yes, let’s run the HHS like Whole Foods — applying Mackey’s Conscious Capitalism to the national level. I want properly-aligned incentives designed to help people be healthy; health savings accounts; perks for biking to work, recycling and compost bins as well as trash cans, and, of course, I want everyone to have a gelati bar with lemon basil and mango avocado flavors.

The following positions have the status of Cabinet-rank:

White House Chief of Staff

Tom Woods Jr.

There’s no one so well-versed and eloquent a speaker on most facets of government. With constant access to President Trump’s ear, Woods would ensure a constant flow of sound advice and his experience running a household full of young kids would come in handy in the White House.

Council of Economic Advisers

Walter Williams

Walter Williams has been dropping economic knowledge bombs on George Mason since 1980. Now he can clear some things up on the international stage.

Ambassador to Libya

Hillary Clinton

In an act of solidarity, Trump should give Hillary this olive branch and an ability to make up for past gaffs.

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JSB Morse is an author, entrepreneur, and philosopher. He has written several critically acclaimed novels including the political thriller "Gods of Ruin" and the spiritual fiction "Now and at the Hour of Our Death" as well as "Zero to Paleo" and the "Take Advantage" non-fiction series. He is editor of "The Libertarian Catholic" and can be found at jsbmorse.com.

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