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Justin Trudeau has a remarkably high opinion of himself. Too often libertarians are dragged into policy discussions, but there’s far more to politics than assessing where people stand on various issues. Leadership, management, humility, each of these plays a far more critical role than often gets discussed.

An embarrassing incident occurred with Bill Morneau. Trudeau was taking a press conference and Morneau was in the background but a scandal had just broken out with his insider trading. A reporter said they had a question for Morneau, so he stepped up to the podium, and Trudeau rebuked the whole idea and informed the reporter that he would take the question. Morneau comically shrugged and returned to the background. A second reporter had a question for Morneau and Trudeau again declined to relinquish the podium stating, “You get to talk to the Prime Minister”.

The Liberal way isn’t substance. The person who could most expertly take a question on Bill Morneau’s trading practices would be Bill Morneau. Trudeau didn’t grasp this. He was the Prime Minister. It was an honour to talk to the Prime Minister in his mind. When he’s in a room, he should be the one everyone wants to talk to.

I could speak with a noted physicist on the subject of general relativity, or I could speak with Justin Trudeau. People obsessed with titles, image, social media, will want to know Trudeau thoughts on the issue. People obsessed with general relativity will want to know the noted physicist’s views. On Morneau’s finances, he likely has more insights than the Prime Minister, unwilling to give up the spotlight.

There are multiple interpretations of what happened that day. The only fact is that Bill Morneau was asked two questions about Bill Morneau and Trudeau insisted he is asked the questions instead; citing that he was the Prime Minister as the reason why. Perhaps he had some animosity toward Morneau that day, but it appears as though Trudeau has high regard for himself.

One of his first bursts onto the public scene was in Vancouver circa 2000. Trudeau faced a groping allegation. This in and of itself shouldn’t disqualify him as a politician, but what was unacceptable was how Trudeau handled the #metoo movement. For his MPs who had allegations, he launched a full investigation. For himself, he silenced the matter as quickly as possible. He portrays himself as a feminist who takes action against everyone… except himself. The sheer hypocrisy and cowardice, the clear false feminism when it comes to his moral reform as he refuses to face the consequences when he asks others to face them.

We have also seen the famous elbow incident. Ruth Ellen Brosseau was in the midst of minding her own business when she found an unruly Prime Minister’s elbow striking her chest. I highly doubt this was intentional the way Brosseau indicated. Trudeau was attempting to rush MPs to their seats by manhandling them and Brosseau was in the way.

The incident tells us a few things. The first is that when Trudeau is frustrated he has no problem manhandling people who haven’t done him or anyone else violence. The second is that he’s easily angered. The third is that when he doesn’t get his way he becomes irate. Each of these shows us he’s a man of remarkably poor character.

For a man in charge of a major world economy, one would think he doesn’t have a reason to be angry, and yet the slightest inconvenience sends him into a rage. Collaborating with my friends who have worked in customer service, we have noticed that a disproportionate number of wealthy individuals are prone to anger. The slightest additional charge on their cell phone bill causes verbally abusive rage. Not all of them. Most of them are well aware of their situation in life and are relaxed yet concerned, but a disproportionate number of them are easily enraged.

This is the Princess and the Pea phenomenon. Where someone who knows a life strictly of abstract luxury finds the slightest discomfort then all is in ruins. Justin Trudeau is such a princess. When he was unable to begin his parliamentary session on time, and truancy is a legitimate frustration, he lost all reason and began to manhandle.

The last incident I wish to focus on to discuss Trudeau’s abhorrent personality is his temper when he was in opposition. After a Conservative member questioned a Liberal’s lack of attendance on a meeting they weren’t invited to, Trudeau angrily raised his voice, “OH, YOU PIECE SHIT!”

We’ve all lost our temper. But to lose it in a public and professional setting is noteworthy. Trudeau can’t keep his composure. He’s a hothead, easily prone to angry outbursts in public and the office.

Trudeau is an arrogant, petty, hypocritical, easily-angered, hothead, with a desperate need to be the center of attention. He’s not a typical millionaire, he’s an entitled trust-fund millionaire, which is entirely different. He’s highly manipulative and lies to women about being a feminist and becomes eerily reminiscent of an abusive ex as the drop of a hat. Justin Trudeau is a man of remarkably low character, his personal traits leave much to be desired.

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Brandon Kirby

Brandon Kirby has a philosophy degree with the University of New Brunswick. He works for a Cayman Island hedge fund service firm, owns a real estate company, and has been in the financial industry since 2004. He is the director of Being Libertarian - Canada. He is a member of the People’s Party of Canada and the Libertarian Party of Canada.