Adam Kokesh: The Last Peace of the Sleeping Giant

GOP tax Cuts, Adam Kokesh

The people United States of America have never been less free than they are today.

Their Government has grown far beyond the scale ever intended by the founders. The goals of small government, economic and social freedom, and isolationism have been thrown out for a violent and intrusive nanny state (“Surveillance under the Patriot Act”).

The people are living in an almost dystopian scenario where their politics have devolved into reactionary pendulum swinging without any real solutions being realized (Waldman).

The need for dramatic change grows ever stronger by the day, and more and more people are realizing how colossal their government’s failure in serving them is.
The image of freedom that America once held in great esteem is decaying into a system of constant oppression; the government of the US now enjoys a society that believes more government regulation is always the answer.

The truth has been obscured from the people by corrupt media, borderline brainwashing in public schools, corporatism, and the two party system.

The verity is that democracy is oppressive, regulation is deadly, corporatism is not capitalism, the constitution failed, and the state is the enabler of evil.

Serious change is necessary to restore the freedom of the American people. This change may yet be attainable through the election of Adam Kokesh.

The problems the US has begin with its democracy.

Many people believe that democracy is the most free form of government there is, and many turn a blind eye to critics of democracy.

The truth of democracy however, is that it is an oppressive structure that gives the majority the power to execute force upon the minority, often through violence.

Take slavery for example. In the 1800’s, a debate raged on in America about the morality of slavery.

Most of us now find the institution of slavery to be truly evil. Despite this, before the civil war, democracy allowed the majority in southern states to continue the immoral slave trade despite the duress of the minority.

Democratic ideals are antithetical to freedom because if the majority agrees to something morally reprehensible, they can carry out their will without resistance through “moral” institution of democracy.

A problem stemming from the roots of democracy is the feel good economic regulations that were put in place by the uneducated majority.

In the 1930’s, the United States was beginning to suffer a rather large recession.

The end of the WW1 military industrial complex, as well as the collapse of agriculture due to overgrowing for the war caused the economy to take a severe nosedive.

Americans were obviously none too pleased about this situation, and immediately looked to the government for the solution.

Herbert Hoover (U.S. President from 1928-1932) continued his predecessor’s (Calvin Coolidge) policy of hands off government regulation.

Unfortunately, the American people weren’t satisfied with this approach due to the situation created by the depression; so, in 1932 they elected Franklin Delano Roosevelt to office.

Many uneducated people believe that FDR saved the country from the depression, but this is a lie that is easily put down when you look at the New Deal’s great failure.

In the three years that followed the New Deal’s implementation, unemployment skyrocketed by 25%, and prices rose by 25% (Sullivan).

This horrible economic decision is widely noted by modern economists, who say that the depression likely would’ve ended 6 years sooner if the New Deal was never implemented.

It is safe to say that some of the starvation and death seen in the Great Depression was directly caused by the machinations of the Roosevelt administration.

Unfortunately the government has continued this “hands on approach” for nearly 80 years after the Great Depression.

Economist Rich Kalgaard has calculated that if economic regulation had stayed the same as it was in the 1950’s, our GDP would be $58 Trillion instead of the current $18 Trillion.

To put that in perspective, that would make the Per Capita income double the current amount of $55,000.

With an economy that size, social security and pensions wouldn’t be a concern. There would be no national or state debt, and the economy would be much quicker to recover from depressions (Morgan).

You can thank presidents like Harry Truman, George Bush, and Barack Obama for the incredible regulatory overkill.

Regulation has cost the country roughly $2 Trillion a year (“The Cost of Regulation and Intervention”).

The most common misconception in modern America is that corporatism is capitalism.

They are not one in the same. In fact, corporatism is a result of economic regulation, not economic freedom. Corporatism is the sociopolitical organization of a society by major interest groups, known as corporate groups, on the basis of their common interests.

This sounds great, and in theory it is. However, just like democracy, corporatism enables evil through government.

Say, for example, that there was a car company. This company experienced economic duress due to skyrocketing gas prices after an embargo. Every competing car company responded to this crisis by creating small, cheap, efficient cars that worked well in this new era. The company that didn’t went bankrupt; because nobody wanted to buy their inefficient cars.

One would likely react to this scenario with the notion that a company needs to adapt or they are liable to fail. Unfortunately, the company didn’t fail; instead, they were given millions of taxpayer dollars so that they could try again.

Now, the same company is experiencing the same problem again. This is not a hypothetical; the company in question is the Chrysler Corporation.

Instead of letting Chrysler take economic responsibility for their mistakes, the government gave the corporation $1.5 Billion after CEO Lee Iacoca lobbied congress (Ritholtz). Unfortunately Chrysler still didn’t learn from their mistakes and went bankrupt again in 2009, being bought by Fiat (Isidore).

This series of events would never happen in free market capitalism.

Without government intervention, the superior products of Ford and Toyota would’ve filled in the market gap created after Chrysler went out of business.

The increased market share of the other companies would have created employment opportunities for former Chrysler employees. Most importantly, billions of taxpayer dollars wouldn’t have been wasted on a company that was so inept.

One of the biggest problems in American politics is the constant outcry of conservatives to go back to the constitution.

This goal is noble and well intended, but there’s a fatal flaw in this idea: The constitution didn’t work.

Despite the constitution, the US government has grown into the evil, overbearing entity it is now. The constitution is too weak to limit power hungry politicians. Any legal document would be because ultimately, you can’t control the people that make the laws.

Politicians, not just in the US, have a monopoly on control.

There is no proper mechanism in place to hold them accountable anywhere.

Take for example the rampant gun control throughout the U.S., The constitution is very clear that “the right to bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Despite this, gun control is not at all uncommon in the U.S. Just recently, a news story broke about Honolulu Police department seizing firearms from medical marijuana users.

Their rights should not be under threat for using marijuana, yet they are (Consillio).

According to the constitution, laws that violate the constitution cannot be made unless the constitution is amended.

Despite this, the US government completely ignores the amendment process to force its will on the people.

The constitution has allowed the state to violate civil rights because there is no proper way for the people to hold the government accountable.

These problems are just some of the many lies we are force fed by the media. It is time for Americans to stop making small changes, because it isn’t working out well.

Radical change is the best option for Americans at this point.

They have made great radical change before, to the awe of the world. Why can’t the same country that defeated the world’s greatest empire hundreds of years ago make great change again? The simple answer is that they can.

Adam Kokesh has given those with radical ambitions an option.

His plan, if elected, is to issue an executive order on day one of being in office that will allow for the orderly and safe dissolution of the U.S. Federal government.

This option reflects the same spirit of the founders.

Thomas Jefferson once famously wrote, “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

This kind of revolutionary spirit is necessary once again; as the Government has grown far beyond its intended boundaries. The American people are capable of such radical change. They are a sleeping giant, and the democratic election of Adam Kokesh may be the last extension of peace given.

* Reagan Carriker is a High School Debate student with anarchocapitalist beliefs.

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  1. “The people United States of America have never been less free than they are today.”

    Um . . . you’re not black are you? Or, a woman, right?

    • However, it was the non-blacks and men who set them free. And if you believe they wrested their freedom from their oppressors, you validated the point of this article. Seems in today’s U.S., we’re coming together on most issues, albeit the hard way, and see the government as the problem. It controls the education of our children, management of our land, earned money we’re allowed to keep, what may be said, how we protect ourselves and even the amount of sugar required to label a sugar cookie a sugar cookie. Seems time for radical reduction to the principles of national defense, interstate peace and … umm, well I’m sure I’ll think of some other things we need.

    • It is one thing to have your body enslaved, It is another to have your mind enslaved. Not saying that slaves were more free than today, but certainly less free in many different ways. It’s also worth noting that technically slaves weren’t citizens so they wouldn’t fit into the “people of the United States” category.

  2. This article is wrong about Hoover, he wasn’t “hands off”, he implemented a bunch of banking regulations.

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